Exploring and Experimenting with Soluble and Insoluble Materials with P2/3 and P5.

9 02 2016

Soluble or Insoluble? Experimenting and Exploring Dissolving with P2/3 and P5! on PhotoPeach

P5 and P2/3 had a fantastic afternoon of science detective work involving lots of experimentation with the aim being to find out which kind of materials are soluble and which are insoluble. An important part of their active cooperative learning experience was discovering what ‘dissolving’ really means and how it is different from ‘melting’. Each group had a selection of cups filled with salt, instant coffee granules, flour, uncooked rice, sugar, gravy granules and sand. They added equal quantities of water to each and mixed thoroughly to make a new solution while watching and recording any interesting changes that they noticed…Which materials do you think we decided were soluble and which did we agree were insoluble? Why not try our experiment at home together to find out for yourself!