Pond Dipping at Inveresk Lodge Gardens with P2/3

7 06 2016

Pond Dipping with P2/3 at Inveresk Lodge Gardens on PhotoPeach

P2/3 had a fantastic day in the sun exploring the beautiful gardens and pond at Inveresk Lodge Gardens today with Stuart Whittaker, the National Trust for Scotland Ranger. We learned all about the lifecycles of the Mayfly and Damselfly before identifying many different minibeasts and small freshwater creatures found in the pond. There were tadpoles, Water Snails, Mayfly and Damselfly Nymphs, Water Spiders, Caddisfly Larvae, Leaches, Bloodworms, Pond Skaters and even tiny fish! Stuart Whittaker and his volunteers also helped us to find two warty toads living in a log pile near the pond. Afterwards we enjoyed a summer meadowland walk back to the Lodge where we had a picnic lunch on the lawn. We also explored the very hot greenhouse where we saw beautiful sweet smelling flowers and tropical plants.
Inveresk Lodge Gardens with P2/3 on PhotoPeach