Fantastic Flowers with P2/3!

P2/3 were given a very special opportunity this week when Mrs Monaghan from our school office administration team taught them the art of floral display. The class were given the very important job of creating the table top flower centre pieces for our school Riding of the Marches Art Exhibition and Tea Party. Mrs Monaghan and the children used lots of different leafy foliage foraged from the school gardens, some very bright blue carnations and yellow and white flowers to create their beautiful floral art. Mrs Bird who is also one of our school office administration team very kindly sprayed some flowers gold to represent the Riding of the Marches colour theme and we all agreed that these flowers added an extra special sparkle to the arrangements. We would like to extend a very special thank you to Mrs Monaghan for so very kindly giving up her Monday afternoon to spend time teaching us a new skill and for giving us the chance to learn more about the job that a florist does. Some of the class have been so inspired by the experience that they are now keen to learn more so that they can maybe become a florist when they ‘grow up’!
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