Giving Nature A Home with P3/4

Giving Nature A Home with P3/4 on PhotoPeach

P3/4 enjoyed an afternoon of outdoor learning today when a visitor from the RSPB came to help them explore and learn for themselves about why it is so important that we care for nature. They discovered some of the different natural habitats that exist in the Campie school grounds and found out about the different species of birds, insects and other creatures that like to live there. After exploring they played the habitat, food, water and family game which helped to explain why it is so important to give nature a home so that no species become endangered or even extinct. Finally the class worked in small teams to calculate a natural habitat score for Campie. Based upon the results P3/4 have decided that they would like to try to become more responsible citizens by making some small changes in our wild outdoor areas so that more wildlife, birds and small creatures are encouraged to come and visit and maybe even choose to live in our school wild areas! We would like to thank the RSPB for a really interesting, active and fun learning experience.