P6 Snow Day!

2 03 2018

Hello again, everyone!

Gee whiz… Can you believe it? Yet another snow day and a country ground to a halt! I hope you’re all safe, staying warm and cozy (in between snow ball fights and building magnificent snow families and igloos) and being good!

Next week, we’ll start looking at fractions in numeracy. Check out this website and have a go at a few of the games:

TopMarks Fractions Games

We’re going to be writing a fantasy story next and I’m thinking we could perhaps draw inspiration from the snow around us. Start thinking and talking about your main characters, your plot (What is going to happen in your story?) and your setting (Where is your story going to take place? A snow-covered magical land?)

Write your ideas down on a piece of paper (neat handwriting, please!) and we can stick it into your literacy jotter when you come back.

Here are a few fun things you could also print out and complete if you fancy it:

Snow Day Acrostic Poem

Snow Day Selfies

Why not take some photos of all of your fun and ask your adults to post them as a comment to this post? Go for it!

Other than that and as before, make sure you stay safe, warm and cozy and have fun!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday,

Mr. Smart 🙂

P.S. How many times have you watched Frozen? Come on, be honest.