Meet Our Staff 2022 – 2023

Nursery: Mrs Demarco, Miss Smith, Mrs Welsh, Mrs Park, Mrs Smith, Mrs Irvine, Mrs Halliday,  Mrs Rourke,  & Mrs Ryan ( Senior Early Years Practitioner)

Support and Intervention Teachers: Mrs McKewan (PEF funded) & Mrs Beckett

P1AC   Mrs Alexander and Mrs Cleeton

PC       Miss Cleland

P2C    Mrs Colver

P2E     Miss Eringinsoy

P2Cr   Miss Crawford

P3B  Mrs Baker

P3K   Mr Keiller

P4T  Miss Taylor

P4L  Miss Lendrum

P5W   Mrs Whatmore

P5C  Miss Christian

P6MM  Miss McKewan & Miss MacFarlane

P6M  Miss Mills

P7S  Mrs Sutherland

P7B  Mrs Blackie (Principal Teacher)

Support for Learning:  Mrs Roberts 

PE Specialist: Mrs Clapperton

Music Specialist: Miss Ireland

Remaining Time Cover Teacher: Miss Robson and Mrs Bowen


Depute Head Teachers: Miss Elgin & Miss Robson

Head Teacher: Mrs McKay

Short Term Cover: Miss Elgin & Miss Robson

Guitar Tuition: Mr Day

Brass Tuition: Ms J Barr


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