School Improvement Plan


School Improvement Priorities

Priority: Raising Attainment

We continue to see levels of attainment increase and we are committed to ensuring that this remains the case. This session, our specific focus will be on tracking progress, intervention to raise attainment and assessment strategies. Our Pupil Equity Funding will also enhance this with our Support and Intervention Team providing additional and targeted support, based on tracked progress.

Priority : Learning, Teaching and Assessment

Within this priority, we are developing our practice and professional learning in the teaching of writing. We will continue to develop our skills and confidence in assessment and assigning levels to learners through collegiate discussions and moderation.

Previously we developed Guiding Principles for Teaching and Learning. One of the key elements of this is ‘inquiry based learning.’ This will be another improvement priority as we work to improve learning experiences for all our children through the promotion of play, curiosity, collaboration, investigation and exploration.

Priority 3: Ensuring Wellbeing, Equality and Inclusion

This priority aligns with that of all other East Lothian schools. We will begin to use a toolkit called CIRCLE which has been developed to support the inclusion of all learners within the school environment.

Our Rights Respecting Schools award journey continues and we will be aspiring for gold!

We will also work to consider new and innovative ways to support wellbeing across our school community

Priority 4 : Our Nursery

Our nursery will be implementing all of the above as improvement priorities but they also have a few nursery specific outcomes.

The team will build on the good practice of floor books as a way of mapping and tracking improvement priorities.

They will explore ways of communicating a clear picture of your child’s experience in nursery including the use of Learning Stories.

There will be a continued focus on building professional skills and knowledge in relation to high quality observations.


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