P6 Home Learning

Good afternoon!

A reminder that P6S are given weekly spelling homework every Tuesday, due for the following Monday. Pupils are asked to Look, Count, Cover, Write and Check three times and then to complete an active spelling activity. Dojos are rewarded for completed homework with an adult signature.

Reading homework is issued on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your child’s group. Reading homework is due for the following week (+7 days) and is essential so that we can complete reading activities as a group.

Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Mr. Smart 🙂

Talk, talk, talk!

P6S have been analysing fantasy stories and we will be writing our very own stories tomorrow. Our fantasy stories will start in the real world when the hero will be travel into the fantasy world to ultimately defeat the villain!

Please take a few moments this evening to talk about:

  • Your main characters (hero, villain and helper)
    • What P6S-level WOW words are you going to use to describe them?
    • What type of magical powers do they have?
  • Your setting (real world and fantasy)
    • What P6S-level WOW words are you going to use to describe the settings?
    • Remember to think about all of the senses
    • Similes and metaphors
  • Your plot
    • Every good fantasy story has a beginning, a problem, a face-off and a conclusion.

Happy talking!

P7 Snow Day!

Back in the granite city of Aberdeen I don’t remember ever having a snow day… what a treat!

Snowy back gardens and public parks gives us the chance to explore and build (I hope many snowdogs in the name of Harold have been built.)

Take the opportunity to try a fun spelling activity and spell your words in the snow, and why not take a selfie once you have finished the task so we can look at them as a class on monday.

Since we are going to be writing a personal account in the next couple of weeks, try and write a small account of an adventure you have had during your snow day. Remember to include effective openers (verbs and adverbs) to set the tone and using descriptive vocabulary throughout.

We will also be finishing our work with multiplication and division in the next week so have a look at playing some of these fractions games as that is what we will be learning more about next.


Most importantly, have fun. Enjoy playing in the snow, make the most of it while it is here.

Mr. Dougall

P4 Snow Day!

Hi Primary 4!

What have we done to annoy the snow makers? First our trip to Bannockburn was cancelled and now we can’t do our assembly today!

We hope that you’re all staying safe and warm and having a fantastic time in the snow.

When you come back, we’re going to be starting our next fortnightly block of literacy and we’re going to be reading and writing an imaginative story. The story that you are going to write is going to be set on a snowy day. Your job just now is to spend some time in the snow exploring it to see what it’s like so that you can think of some good adjectives and figurative language that you could incorporate into your snowy story when you come back. Your story can be about anything so you might want to start thinking about a plot and characters just now. Maybe you need to stay at home and watch some films for  inspiration….

We also missed World Book Day where the theme was to share a story. Could you build a snowman and share a story with it? It would be even better if you built a snowsloth! We would love to see any photos! We will give a prize for the most original and creative photo of someone sharing a story in
an unusual place.

We hope to see you again soon!

Miss Cleland and Miss Learmonth

P2/3 Snow Day!

Dear P2/3,

Please find attached your very important homework for during the snow days:

  • Wrap up warm and go outside to play
  • Build a snowman
  • Make a snow angel
  • Throw some snowballs
  • Take lots of photos to share next week

Please enjoy yourselves while the snow is here. I look forward to hearing all about your adventures next week.

Mrs Matheson

P6 Snow Day!

Hello again, everyone!

Gee whiz… Can you believe it? Yet another snow day and a country ground to a halt! I hope you’re all safe, staying warm and cozy (in between snow ball fights and building magnificent snow families and igloos) and being good!

Next week, we’ll start looking at fractions in numeracy. Check out this website and have a go at a few of the games:

TopMarks Fractions Games

We’re going to be writing a fantasy story next and I’m thinking we could perhaps draw inspiration from the snow around us. Start thinking and talking about your main characters, your plot (What is going to happen in your story?) and your setting (Where is your story going to take place? A snow-covered magical land?)

Write your ideas down on a piece of paper (neat handwriting, please!) and we can stick it into your literacy jotter when you come back.

Here are a few fun things you could also print out and complete if you fancy it:

Snow Day Acrostic Poem

Snow Day Selfies

Why not take some photos of all of your fun and ask your adults to post them as a comment to this post? Go for it!

Other than that and as before, make sure you stay safe, warm and cozy and have fun!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday,

Mr. Smart 🙂

P.S. How many times have you watched Frozen? Come on, be honest.

Snow Days!

Hi everyone!

I hope that you’re all safe and have been enjoying all of this snow! I bet you’ve all got interesting stories and I can’t wait to hear them all.

If you would like to complete some optional activities while the school is closed, here are some ideas for you:

Share a Story

Despite the snow, we would have been celebrating World Book Day today. Making sure that are wrapped up, why not build/find a snowman and read your favourite book to it! If the snowman starts talking back, don’t worry… this could mean many different things…

Snow Spelling

You should all have your spelling words for this week in your Home Learning jotter. Take advantage of the snow outside and write your words out in the snow!
*Gloves on, please!*

Build a Snow Family

Create a family of snow people and take some photos! Remember that we have been learning all about different types of families so bear this in mind when you’re deciding who’s who! You might even want to take a photo, stick it into your Home Learning jotter and write a little about their frozen lives.
*Gloves on again, please! And sharp pencils and neat handwriting too!*


Can you create an igloo? This is definitely more challenging than making a snow family. Watch some YouTube videos for some hints and tips and try it out for yourself. If your first attempt doesn’t work out, ask yourself why, re-thinking your strategy and try again. Remember what Robert the Bruce would have said…
*Yes, you’ve guess it. Gloves on again, please!*

Measure the Temperature

Do you have a thermometer lying around? If not, maybe you could use your phone or another electronic device to check the temperature.
Check the temperature once per hour and record your results in a table. What do you notice? Is there a relationship between the temperature and when it starts to snow?
Challenge: Turn your data you’ve collected into a bar graph!

You may have more ideas so the decision is yours! The three most important things to remember while the school is closed are:

  1. Stay safe
  2. Have fun
  3. Be good!

Make sure to keep an eye out on the news and the East Lothian Council website/Facebook page for information on school closures.

Mr. Smart ?