Tsunami Wave Art by P5L

Tsunami Wave Art by P5L on PhotoPeach
P5L have been inspired by the Japanese artist, Hokusai, to paint their own tsunami waves as part of their interdisciplinary topic, Man-Made and Natural Disasters. They used oil pastels and mixed watercolours to explore hot and cold colours as they drew and painted their own wave pictures.

Crazy Circuits with P5L!

Crazy Circuits with P5L! on PhotoPeach
P5L had great fun in P.E. have been learning more about how to keep themselves fit, strong and supple with a crazy circuits challenge full of sit ups, squats, the plank, step ups, burpees and star jumps! We are all looking forward to beating our personal best targets next week!

Visiting Musselburgh Library

P5L Visiting Musselburgh Library on PhotoPeach
P5L visited Musselburgh Library for the first time this academic session this afternoon. They met the new librarian Drew who read them some hilarious poems to get them in the mood for National Poetry Day next week. Afterwards they spent time browsing for new AR books and looking for awesome facts about their current IDL Topic, Natural and Man-Made Disasters. It was a book-filled afternoon of fun and we would like to extend our thanks to the parents and carers who volunteered to accompany us today. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Sharing Our Writing for Enjoyment Stories

Sharing Our Writing for Enjoyment Storieswith P2 and P1C on PhotoPeach
P5L really enjoyed sharing their writing for enjoyment stories with their P1C and P2 buddies this week. Their story is called ‘The Aliens crashed at Campie!’. They worked with P3K to write an exciting space themed adventure full of missing aliens, robotic teachers, crashing spaceships and green slime and goo. We are all looking forward to sharing it with our families and friends on Monday at assembly.

P3/4 Visiting Queen Margaret University

The Human Body at Queen Margaret University on PhotoPeach

P3/4 visited Queen Margaret University’s Human Biology Department to extend their learning as part of their interdisciplinary topic, ‘Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds’. Everyone learned a great deal more and we all enjoyed working as a team to build the replica body!

P3/4 Pond Dipping at Inveresk Lodge Gardens

Pond Dipping at Inveresk Lodge Gardens on PhotoPeach

P3/4 had a brilliant morning on Monday 19th June 2017 when they went pond dipping with Emily Sanderson, the NTS Ranger, at Inveresk Lodge Gardens. They found newts, tadpoles, leeches, water boatmen, blood worms, damselflies and many more creatures and minibeasts!

Super Spelling with P3/4 and P1B!

Super Spelling with P1B! on PhotoPeach
P3/4 and P1B had a fun spelling session in the playground this afternoon. They worked together with their learning buddies to look, count, cover, write and then check their spelling words and some tricky common words. Everyone had lots of fun using the giant coloured chalks to write their words all over the playground as ‘rainbow words’. Next week we are all looking forward to some mindful meditative colouring in…and RELAX!

Problem Solving Puzzles with P3/4 and P1B!

Problem Solving Puzzles with P1B! on PhotoPeach
P3/4 and P1B had a puzzling afternoon buddy session solving jigsaws together…we climbed out of the learning pit together and kept on trying because we are resilient, determined learners who are achieving together everyday!

Super Soap Carving with P3/4!

Super Soap Carving with P3/4! on PhotoPeach
P3/4 enjoyed learning about soap sculpture this morning with Hannah, an artist and sculptor from East Lothian Arts Service. As an introduction, Hannah explained the origins of soap and how it is made around the world using many different materials. Everyone then spent some time drawing five possible designs on paper before discussing and then choosing the most suitable one for their own sculpture with Hannah. They then began experimenting with some simple tools to create their very own unique soap sculptures!