Hello Campie Community

We hope that you have been enjoying hearing more about all the wonderful learning that our Campie Learners have been demonstrating.

It might be on Twitter, through our class blogs or coming soon . . . Campie Connects.

The regular HT update should also provide insight into how we continue to grow, learn and achieve together and how we work together to  ensure a strong focus on continuous improvement.

Previous updates can be accessed here.


Successful Learners at Campie

Hello Campie Community 👋

The focus of today’s assembly was ‘What makes a successful learner?





We explored the skills and attributes that we need to be successful:









Miss Elgin, Miss Robson and I then went on a tour to hear about Campie’s successful learners . . .

Wow – we were impressed! Classes found it difficult to choose which new learning they wanted to share with us.  In  the discussions we had, learners were enthusiastic, motivated and shared lots of detail about what and how they had learned.

What a wonderful way to spend a morning! ⭐

Why not check out the Twitter feed to see some of the great examples of learning that were shared with us!



See below same photos of other learning  . . cakes, clavicle, clay, cooperation, caterpillar, collaboration, communication and much much more!  👍


Self Evaluation at Campie

Hello Campie Community

This week’s HT update  provided details of two surveys we would like you to participate in.


Whilst as a team we reflect on our successes and achievements, it is your child’s experience of school and the impact on their learning that is critical in helping us to identify what is working well and what we could do better. Therefore, your child is involved in providing their feedback and has a
voice in determining our next steps. It is also crucial that you can contribute to this process.  The more contributions we have, the more accurate our evaluation will be and next year’s plan will have clearly identified priorities based on robust and valid evidence.
To prevent ‘survey fatigue,’ I have shared two surveys this week and politely request that you contribute to one more another next week.

As part of my HT updates I will detail the outcome  and how these have been ‘mapped’ into our School Improvement Plan. Our Standards and Quality report  will also provide insight into the outcome of both parental and learner input.

Please take a few minutes to provide your feedback.

Kind regards



HT Update 12.5.21

Join our Twitter Following

Finding more ways to connect

We are aware that during this time, opportunities for find out more about the wonderful learning happening in school are more limited. We are therefore looking for ways for everyone to see and hear what’s happening in school. Technology has so many benefits one being that we can quickly capture special moments through photos and video and share them via our social media channels. Twitter is an excellent platform for us to share these snapshots. Often they are posted minutes after they have occurred – making it as close to real time as possible. Currently we have 810 followers. We would like to promote this way of providing you with a digital window into our school day. If you have not already followed us and you have a Twitter account – please do. If you do not have an account – maybe you might want to consider creating one – even if it is only to follow the learning at Campie? As well as the adults taking a lead in posting to Twitter we are looking to encourage our learners to play an active role. This opportunity will complement our Tools for Writing learning:

‘Using knowledge of technical aspects to help my writing communicate effectively within and beyond my place of learning’ CfE Literacy and English


‘Organising and using information – considering texts to help create short and extended texts for different purposes’

as well as

‘Digital Literacy: Using digital products and services in a variety of contexts to achieve a purposeful outcome.’ CfE Technologies

Our twitter handle is: @whatsonatcampie


🎄Christmas at Campie 🎄

Wednesday 2nd December 2020


Dear Parents and Carers

December is here and the temperature is dropping – even some snow being forecast for this week! However just as it always does, December marks a special time in our school calendar. Despite the current restrictions, we want the end of this term to be every bit as special as it always is and have planned a range of festive fun for the remainder of this term.

As well as the important information about Christmas preparations at Campie please also look out for information about our Twitter account and a Group Call email request to send an updated consent to share photographs on our social media platforms.

With kind regards

Pauline McKay


Find out more – Campie Christmas