Focussed School Review



Dear Parents and Carers

During the week beginning the 1st of April 2019 a local authority team visited our school to undertake a focused school review. We are delighted that we are now able to share the outcome of the visit.

In the report there are positives which a have been highlighted and next steps and aspects for improvement which have been identified.  In conjunction with our own ongoing self-evaluation we have used the review recommendations to inform our School Improvement Plan for 2019/2020.

We look forward to the whole school community working together to bring about the improvements identified.

Mrs P McKay

Campie Primary Focussed Review April 2019


Communication Wednesday (20th February)…

Please check e-mail inboxes and bags for paper copies for the following items:

  • English as a Second Language Classes (in multiple languages)
  • Your Voice Your Choice Information Form
  • Free Adult Learning Classes
  • P6L New Teacher Letter