Storybook Bags are now Available!

9 10 2019

Exciting news! Storybook Bags are now available to borrow from Campie Primary. If you enjoy reading at home with your child and want to take it to the next level then these bags are perfect. Most include some stories on a topic, toys and even games. Here’s one about Houses and Homes:

Here is a list of what is on offer from Campie, check them out – literally!

Anyone can borrow the Storybook Bags but they might be more suited to P1 and 2s.

If you’re interested e-mail Mrs MathesonĀ with the bag number and title as well as the name and class of your child. She will thenĀ  do her best to get it out as quickly as she can.

We do ask that all items in the bags are treated carefully and that they are returned in the condition they were loaned (or better). Also, once you are finished the Storybook Bag can you please return it quickly so other children may have the opportunity to use it – 1 bag at a time please.

We hope you have a great time reading, playing and exploring with your child! Happy reading!

Sharing Our Writing for Enjoyment Stories

1 09 2017

Sharing Our Writing for Enjoyment Storieswith P2 and P1C on PhotoPeach
P5L really enjoyed sharing their writing for enjoyment stories with their P1C and P2 buddies this week. Their story is called ‘The Aliens crashed at Campie!’. They worked with P3K to write an exciting space themed adventure full of missing aliens, robotic teachers, crashing spaceships and green slime and goo. We are all looking forward to sharing it with our families and friends on Monday at assembly.

Mindful Meditation with P3/4 and P1B…

24 05 2017

Mindful Meditation on PhotoPeach
P3/4 and P1B enjoyed a buddy afternoon session of relaxation and mindfulness colouring today…

Super Spelling with P3/4 and P1B!

17 05 2017

Super Spelling with P1B! on PhotoPeach
P3/4 and P1B had a fun spelling session in the playground this afternoon. They worked together with their learning buddies to look, count, cover, write and then check their spelling words and some tricky common words. Everyone had lots of fun using the giant coloured chalks to write their words all over the playground as ‘rainbow words’. Next week we are all looking forward to some mindful meditative colouring in…and RELAX!

Problem Solving Puzzles with P3/4 and P1B!

10 05 2017

Problem Solving Puzzles with P1B! on PhotoPeach
P3/4 and P1B had a puzzling afternoon buddy session solving jigsaws together…we climbed out of the learning pit together and kept on trying because we are resilient, determined learners who are achieving together everyday!

Numbertime with P1b and P3/4

4 05 2017

Numbertime with P1b! on PhotoPeach
P3/4 and P1b met up with each other again this week to work with their learning buddies. They shared their numeracy skills with each other, playing domino addition and subtraction games as well as completing some spinner and dice numeracy challenges. Their mental calculation abilities were really put to the test but everyone worked together and managed to climb out of the learning pit to be successful, confident learners! Next week we are looking forward to some problem solving challenges!

P3/4 Reading Buddies with P1B

27 04 2017

Reading Buddies with P1B on PhotoPeach
This week P3/4 had a ‘booktastic’ afternoon with their buddies in P1B sharing their reading and AR books with each other…next week we are looking forward to some exciting numeracy challenges using dominoes and number spinners!

Finding Shapes with our School Improvement Group Buddies

20 04 2017

Finding Shapes with our School Improvement Group Buddies on PhotoPeach
P3/4 and P1B enjoyed looking for different kinds of 2D shapes as part of our school improvement group 2 learning challenge. We are all looking forward to meeting again next week to read and share our creative writing with each other.