Storybook Bags are now Available!

9 10 2019

Exciting news! Storybook Bags are now available to borrow from Campie Primary. If you enjoy reading at home with your child and want to take it to the next level then these bags are perfect. Most include some stories on a topic, toys and even games. Here’s one about Houses and Homes:

Here is a list of what is on offer from Campie, check them out – literally!

Anyone can borrow the Storybook Bags but they might be more suited to P1 and 2s.

If you’re interested e-mail Mrs MathesonĀ with the bag number and title as well as the name and class of your child. She will thenĀ  do her best to get it out as quickly as she can.

We do ask that all items in the bags are treated carefully and that they are returned in the condition they were loaned (or better). Also, once you are finished the Storybook Bag can you please return it quickly so other children may have the opportunity to use it – 1 bag at a time please.

We hope you have a great time reading, playing and exploring with your child! Happy reading!

P2/3 Snow Day!

2 03 2018

Dear P2/3,

Please find attached your very important homework for during the snow days:

  • Wrap up warm and go outside to play
  • Build a snowman
  • Make a snow angel
  • Throw some snowballs
  • Take lots of photos to share next week

Please enjoy yourselves while the snow is here. I look forward to hearing all about your adventures next week.

Mrs Matheson

Paired Reading with P2 and P5L

10 11 2017

P2 and P5L enjoyed a paired reading session with each other today…
Paired Reading with P2 and P5L on PhotoPeach
Next week we are going to explore some of our new non-fiction topic books.

Sharing Our Writing for Enjoyment Stories

1 09 2017

Sharing Our Writing for Enjoyment Storieswith P2 and P1C on PhotoPeach
P5L really enjoyed sharing their writing for enjoyment stories with their P1C and P2 buddies this week. Their story is called ‘The Aliens crashed at Campie!’. They worked with P3K to write an exciting space themed adventure full of missing aliens, robotic teachers, crashing spaceships and green slime and goo. We are all looking forward to sharing it with our families and friends on Monday at assembly.

Nocturnal Animals at Newhailes with P2/3 and P2

26 02 2016

P2/3 and both P2 classes had a fantastic time when they went to the Newhailes Estate woodlands to learn more about the different nocturnal animals and birds that live there.
Newhailes Fun with P2/3! on PhotoPeach

Nocturnal Animals at Newhailes on PhotoPeach

Newhailes Adventures on PhotoPeach

Stuart Whittaker, the National Trust for Scotland Ranger, met the children and taught them all about what makes night animals eyesight special. He explained that they have curved lenses which are covered in a reflective film called tapetum. He also showed us bat boxes high up in the trees and described how bats use their senses, in particular their echo location hearing to spot their prey when they are hunting and flying in the dark. Stuart had also set two different types of traps; a paint trap and a sand trap which allowed us to see mice tracks and fox prints. The other trap which he had set up was called a camera trap and you can see some of the photographs from it on one of the slideshows…we think that they are amazing!
Foxes at Newhailes on PhotoPeach

Awesome Outdoor Laerning at Newhailes! on PhotoPeach

Everyone had great fun during the morning break exploring the woods, eating their snack ‘al fresco’, swinging in the hammock, building dens and climbing the rope ladder.
Newhailes Adventures on PhotoPeach

The final nocturnal animal or bird of prey that Stuart introduced us to was the Barn Owl. First he read the story, Owl Babies by Martin Waddell before showing us some real owl pellets that the Barn Owls in Newhailes had coughed up. They were full of mice bones and other delicacies, delicious! Stuart explained that the Barn Owls are protected and had been living in Newhailes for only four years so they are very special.
Nocturnal Newhailes on PhotoPeach

Owls at Newhailes on PhotoPeach

We would like to extend an enormous thank you to Stuart for a really exciting and active outdoor learning experience, one that we will all remember for a long time.

P2 Christmas Party Fun!

9 12 2015

P2 Christmas Party Fun! on PhotoPeach

P2 had a fantastic afternoon at their Christmas party today. They enjoyed musical statues, Christmas corners, pass the parcel and a dazzling dancers competition. Our P.E. teacher, Mrs Clapperton, helped with our P2 Greyfriars Bobby Reel and then there were lots of Christmas snack goodies to enjoy. At the end a surprise visitor landed his sleigh on the roof of the school and wished us all a very ‘Merry Christmas’…we hope you enjoy our party photographs as much as we enjoyed this afternoon.

P2 Christmas Party Fun! on PhotoPeach

Reading Our Gruffalo Stories to P2

4 12 2015

Reading the Gruffalo on PhotoPeach

P2/3 enjoyed reading their own Gruffalo stories to their friends in P2a this week. They made sure their P2 reading buddy joined in and helped to bring this very popular story to life with lots of descriptive vocabulary and rhyme!

P2/3 Reading Buddies!

29 08 2015

P2/3 Reading Buddies on PhotoPeach

P2/3 had great fun on Friday morning sharing their favourite books and the holiday postcards that they wrote by themselves with their P5 reading buddies. They also enjoyed exploring lots of different non fiction rainforest topic books together. Next week we are all looking forward to another fun paired reading session in the school library where P5 have been helping P2/3 to browse, read and then borrow books by themselves.

P2/3 Enjoying Fun and Fitness in Gym!

20 08 2015

P2/3 Enjoying Fun and Fitness in Gym! on PhotoPeach

P2/3 had great fun in gym today with Mrs Clapperton, our P.E. Specialist teacher. Everyone worked cooperatively with each other to play games that required super communication, think, pair, share and team work.The ‘Bean Bag Target Challenge’ was especially exciting and everyone demonstrated excellent sportsmanship when they shook hands and congratulated and thanked each other for a great game.