Return of the Lego Club!

16 04 2018

The Lego Club is back! Mr Keiller and Miss Millar are starting the Lego club again for P3 and P4 after school. Forms have already been handed out so if you’re interested then fill them in and return them to Mr Keiller. If you’ve lost your form, don’t worry there’s still time to ask Mr Keiller for another one.

Check out the times and dates below:

Fantastic Flowers with P2/3!

15 06 2016

P2/3 were given a very special opportunity this week when Mrs Monaghan from our school office administration team taught them the art of floral display. The class were given the very important job of creating the table top flower centre pieces for our school Riding of the Marches Art Exhibition and Tea Party. Mrs Monaghan and the children used lots of different leafy foliage foraged from the school gardens, some very bright blue carnations and yellow and white flowers to create their beautiful floral art. Mrs Bird who is also one of our school office administration team very kindly sprayed some flowers gold to represent the Riding of the Marches colour theme and we all agreed that these flowers added an extra special sparkle to the arrangements. We would like to extend a very special thank you to Mrs Monaghan for so very kindly giving up her Monday afternoon to spend time teaching us a new skill and for giving us the chance to learn more about the job that a florist does. Some of the class have been so inspired by the experience that they are now keen to learn more so that they can maybe become a florist when they ‘grow up’!
Fantastic Flowers with P2/3! on PhotoPeach

Pond Dipping at Inveresk Lodge Gardens with P2/3

7 06 2016

Pond Dipping with P2/3 at Inveresk Lodge Gardens on PhotoPeach

P2/3 had a fantastic day in the sun exploring the beautiful gardens and pond at Inveresk Lodge Gardens today with Stuart Whittaker, the National Trust for Scotland Ranger. We learned all about the lifecycles of the Mayfly and Damselfly before identifying many different minibeasts and small freshwater creatures found in the pond. There were tadpoles, Water Snails, Mayfly and Damselfly Nymphs, Water Spiders, Caddisfly Larvae, Leaches, Bloodworms, Pond Skaters and even tiny fish! Stuart Whittaker and his volunteers also helped us to find two warty toads living in a log pile near the pond. Afterwards we enjoyed a summer meadowland walk back to the Lodge where we had a picnic lunch on the lawn. We also explored the very hot greenhouse where we saw beautiful sweet smelling flowers and tropical plants.
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Practising the Underarm Slide with P2/3

5 05 2016

Practising the Underarm Slide with P2/3 on PhotoPeach

P2/3 had great fun learning how to perfect their underarm slide in P.E. this afternoon. They were using their creativity to think of different ways to travel with a beanbag like sliding, crawling, hopping, balancing and gymnastic sequences. Another activity everyone enjoyed was aiming for a coloured target and then using their underarm slide to hit it and win points. Everyone remembered that to be successful they had to make a large ‘C’ shape with their arm while making sure their knees were bouncy and bendy before sliding their beanbag on the ground with as much strength and force as they could.

Reading is Braw with Queen Margaret University

27 04 2016

P2/3 and P5 enjoyed meeting Callum McGuire from Queen Margaret University during their buddy reading time in the school library this afternoon. Callum came to talk to the children about his lifelong love of books and reading as part of our ‘Reading is Braw’ community reading initiative. Callum also talked to the children about his work with Queen Margaret University before sharing some of the books he has edited and helped to publish. He then read the first two chapters from one of his favourite children’s books, The Hundred Mile an Hour Dog by Jeremy Strong, which everyone found really funny. We all enjoyed meeting Callum today and he has inspired us to keep reading everyday because reading really is BRAW!
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The River Esk Plaque Trail with P2/3

26 04 2016

The River Esk Plaque Trail with P2/3 on PhotoPeach

P2/3 had a fantastic day out on Monday 25th April when they discovered more about the history of Musselburgh and the River Esk from Nick Aitken, an East Lothian Ranger who accompanied the class on the River Esk Plaque Trail. At the start of our river adventure Nick gave each child a special trail map which we used to find our way from the mouth of the river up into the Grove. We followed the different bridges and were very surprised to count eight in total! At certain points along our river walk we found special plaques which represent some important events and people in Musselburgh’s history. We worked with a partner or in a small group to take rubbings of these plaques and then we looked at the words below them to find out what the special message was so that we could download our certificate of completion. Nick told us all about the different birds, animals and other wildlife that can be found living in and nearby the River Esk. We all agreed that this was a really special and memorable outdoor learning experience for us all.

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Awesome Lava Lamps with P2/3 and P3a!

22 04 2016

Awesomw Lava Lamps with P2/3 and P3a! on PhotoPeach

P2/3 and P3a had a fantastic morning learning more about how solids, liquids and gases react with each when they made their very own lava lamps! We all agreed this was an extra special experiment to finish our topic with as the results were AWESOME!

Destination Judo Taster with P2/3!

19 04 2016

P2/3 had a fantastic morning learning different Judo moves and throws with Destination Judo today…
Destination Judo Taster with P2/3 on PhotoPeach

Destination Judo with P2/3! on PhotoPeach

Fantastique French with P2/3 and P3!

15 04 2016

P2/3 and P3 had a super morning sharing and celebrating their knowledge of French with their parents and carers at our assembly. We would like to thank you all for coming along and for those who could not manage we hope this gives you a flavour of what we did. Well done to everyone in P2/3 and P3 we are all very proud of you!
Fantastique French with P2/3 and P3! on PhotoPeach

Fantastique French with P2/3 and P3! on PhotoPeach

Fantastique French with P2/3 and P3! on PhotoPeach

Our Catherine Wheels Drama Workshop.

22 03 2016

Shonagh Davidson, the East Lothian Schools Drama Specialist Teacher took us on a magical journey through a jungle and then into the world of the ‘Little Gentleman’ this week. We used mime and action to explore and show what we each felt was a treasured and precious object. We also explored different emotions and shared how we express and show our feelings in many different ways. Shonagh also introduced us to the music that has been composed for the Catherine Wheels Theatre performance that we are going to see when we come back to school after the Easter break called ‘The Story of the Little Gentleman’. We learned that this story is about friendship and love and we used our drama skills to practise asking others to play and be our friends.
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