P3 Football Crazy!

25 04 2018

Return of the Lego Club!

16 04 2018

The Lego Club is back! Mr Keiller and Miss Millar are starting the Lego club again for P3 and P4 after school. Forms have already been handed out so if you’re interested then fill them in and return them to Mr Keiller. If you’ve lost your form, don’t worry there’s still time to ask Mr Keiller for another one.

Check out the times and dates below:


28 03 2018

Examining Primary Sources in P3

15 03 2018

P3 Snow Day!

2 03 2018

What incredible weather we’ve been having! It’s like being in an Arctic climate out there. I hope everyone has been wrapping up warm and making lots of lovely memories in the snow. Have you made a snowperson yet? Been sledging? What about throwing a couple of snowballs. If you have done something special in the snow please bring in pictures for the next time we’re back at school, we would love to see them.

If you’re keen on keeping up with your learning you can do some spelling, try writing some of your spelling words in the snow. What about reading a story? It was World Book Day yesterday after all. Maybe read your reading book to a snowperson. Have you tried writing a diary entry about your adventures so you can remember it forever? Why not try making a snowball array or practice sharing them to make sure you have a fair snowball fight.

Whatever you end up doing today, make it count. Snow isn’t here very often so make the most of it.

Looking forward to seeing you again P3! Stay warm and stay safe!

Mr Keiller & Miss Millar

Exploring the World of Construction with P3K and P5L!

5 12 2017

P3K and P5L had an exciting and very interactive exploratory learning experience this afternoon when they investigated the STEM – Science, Technology, Maths and Science – construction box that has been on loan to our school as part of a science curriculum initiative. The children worked co-operatively in small teams to build walls, role play different construction jobs, use a trundle wheel for measure as well as look at a variety of books about buildings and create models with small construction kit materials. Everyone was enthused and inspired by the session. We definitely have some budding architects, builders, joiners and chartered surveyors in our midst!
Exploring the World of Construction with P3K and P5L! on PhotoPeach

Paired Reading with Primary 3 & 5

29 08 2016

Awesome Lava Lamps with P2/3 and P3a!

22 04 2016

Awesomw Lava Lamps with P2/3 and P3a! on PhotoPeach

P2/3 and P3a had a fantastic morning learning more about how solids, liquids and gases react with each when they made their very own lava lamps! We all agreed this was an extra special experiment to finish our topic with as the results were AWESOME!

Football Crazy with P3!

20 04 2016

P3 had a fantastic morning of football fun at the P3 Cluster Football Festival at Pinkie Playing fields…
Football Crazy with P3! on PhotoPeach

Football Crazy with P3! on PhotoPeach

Fantastique French with P2/3 and P3!

15 04 2016

P2/3 and P3 had a super morning sharing and celebrating their knowledge of French with their parents and carers at our assembly. We would like to thank you all for coming along and for those who could not manage we hope this gives you a flavour of what we did. Well done to everyone in P2/3 and P3 we are all very proud of you!
Fantastique French with P2/3 and P3! on PhotoPeach

Fantastique French with P2/3 and P3! on PhotoPeach

Fantastique French with P2/3 and P3! on PhotoPeach