Telling the Time with P3 and P2/3

P3 and P2/3 have been playing lots of different time games to help them to develop their skills when reading both analogue and digital clock displays. Everyone agreed that they had great fun learning together!
Time Games with P3 and P2/3 on PhotoPeach

Mandela Dance & Football

Primary 3 have been very South African lately, learning about different types of dances including some moves that were in the 2010 South African World Cup.

Our footy skills are coming on great too, we’re ready for even more this week!

Let’s Get Fizzy Science with P2/3 and P3A.

Let’s Get Fizzy with P2/3! on PhotoPeach

P2/3 had a fantastic afternoon with Rebecca and Kim from Generation Science today. They were learning more about the differences between solids, liquids and gases before working cooperatively in teams to try out a selection of different experiments mixing different liquids and a special powder with each other to try to make a fizzy gas. Some combinations fizzed while others did not and we all had great fun being real scientists with our special aprons and safety goggles on. At the end Rebecca and Kim made a HUGE explosion which produced a hot fizzing orange gas, it was amazing!
Let’s Get Fizzy Explosions! on PhotoPeach

Let’s Get Fizzy! on PhotoPeach

Let’s Get Fizzy on PhotoPeach

Celebrating Scots Poetry and Dance with P2/3, P3 and P4

Our Scots Tung Poetry Recitals on PhotoPeach

P2/3, P3 and P4 all enjoyed a short Scots poetry recital celebration yesterday afternoon as part of our school Scotland focus this month. Some of the P3 girls performed traditional Highland dancing which was outstanding. To finish we all enjoyed singing one of our favourites, ‘Three Craws’. Well done everyone, you were all very confident and effective contributors as well as being successful learners!

P3 Christmas Party!

P3 had such a fantastic time at their Christmas party this afternoon that they wanted to share their fun with their families and Campie friends…
P3 Christmas Party on PhotoPeach

Everyone enjoyed musical statues, pass the parcel, Christmas corners, an awesome dance competition and a balloon race! Our P3 ‘Greyfriars Bobby Reel’ was a great success too, no one forgot any steps and everyone managed to stay with their partner, very well done P3!
P3 Christmas Party! on PhotoPeach

The Hokey Cokey was a super ending to our P3 Christmas party celebration. We would all like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy and Peaceful New Year.
P3 Christmas Party! on PhotoPeach

‘So You Want to be a Viking!’

‘So You Want to be a Viking!’ on PhotoPeach

P2/3 and P3a and P3b had a fantastic day at the National Museum learning all about Vikings. They met Sven and Ulrika who taught them all about longships, Viking Warriors, the Viking Runic alphabet and a Viking song! After the show we all enjoyed handling lots of different replica Viking objects. We are all now very excited and ready to learn even more about the Vikings! We once again like to extend our thanks to the parents and carers who were able to accompany us on this trip…we hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did.

P2/3 Reading Buddies!

P2/3 Reading Buddies on PhotoPeach

P2/3 had great fun on Friday morning sharing their favourite books and the holiday postcards that they wrote by themselves with their P5 reading buddies. They also enjoyed exploring lots of different non fiction rainforest topic books together. Next week we are all looking forward to another fun paired reading session in the school library where P5 have been helping P2/3 to browse, read and then borrow books by themselves.

P2/3 Enjoying Fun and Fitness in Gym!

P2/3 Enjoying Fun and Fitness in Gym! on PhotoPeach

P2/3 had great fun in gym today with Mrs Clapperton, our P.E. Specialist teacher. Everyone worked cooperatively with each other to play games that required super communication, think, pair, share and team work.The ‘Bean Bag Target Challenge’ was especially exciting and everyone demonstrated excellent sportsmanship when they shook hands and congratulated and thanked each other for a great game.