P3/4 Visiting Queen Margaret University

21 06 2017

The Human Body at Queen Margaret University on PhotoPeach

P3/4 visited Queen Margaret University’s Human Biology Department to extend their learning as part of their interdisciplinary topic, ‘Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds’. Everyone learned a great deal more and we all enjoyed working as a team to build the replica body!

P3/4 Pond Dipping at Inveresk Lodge Gardens

21 06 2017

Pond Dipping at Inveresk Lodge Gardens on PhotoPeach

P3/4 had a brilliant morning on Monday 19th June 2017 when they went pond dipping with Emily Sanderson, the NTS Ranger, at Inveresk Lodge Gardens. They found newts, tadpoles, leeches, water boatmen, blood worms, damselflies and many more creatures and minibeasts!

Mindful Meditation with P3/4 and P1B…

24 05 2017

Mindful Meditation on PhotoPeach
P3/4 and P1B enjoyed a buddy afternoon session of relaxation and mindfulness colouring today…

Super Spelling with P3/4 and P1B!

17 05 2017

Super Spelling with P1B! on PhotoPeach
P3/4 and P1B had a fun spelling session in the playground this afternoon. They worked together with their learning buddies to look, count, cover, write and then check their spelling words and some tricky common words. Everyone had lots of fun using the giant coloured chalks to write their words all over the playground as ‘rainbow words’. Next week we are all looking forward to some mindful meditative colouring in…and RELAX!

Problem Solving Puzzles with P3/4 and P1B!

10 05 2017

Problem Solving Puzzles with P1B! on PhotoPeach
P3/4 and P1B had a puzzling afternoon buddy session solving jigsaws together…we climbed out of the learning pit together and kept on trying because we are resilient, determined learners who are achieving together everyday!

Super Soap Carving with P3/4!

9 05 2017

Super Soap Carving with P3/4! on PhotoPeach
P3/4 enjoyed learning about soap sculpture this morning with Hannah, an artist and sculptor from East Lothian Arts Service. As an introduction, Hannah explained the origins of soap and how it is made around the world using many different materials. Everyone then spent some time drawing five possible designs on paper before discussing and then choosing the most suitable one for their own sculpture with Hannah. They then began experimenting with some simple tools to create their very own unique soap sculptures!

‘The Lego Mindstorms Challenge!’ with Generation Science

4 05 2017

Generation Science Lego Mindstorms Challenge! on PhotoPeach
P3/4 had a fantastic technology learning experience this afternoon with Generation Science. They learned how to programme and control Lego Mindstorm robots using a series of challenging journey cards. The grand finale was a creative programming ‘Strictly Come Dance Off!’ disco dancing challenge for each team’s robot, complete with disco and glitter balls, flashing lights and robotic dance music!

Exploring Newspapers with P3/4

4 05 2017

Exploring Newspapers on PhotoPeach
P3/4 have been exploring the genre features of newspaper articles this week in preparation for beginning their ‘roving reporting’ around the school classes next week. They found bylines, headlines, sub-headings, picture photographs, captions and opening introductory paragraphs. Everyone is now very excited about gathering school news and reporting on the exciting learning that is happening as we speak in Campie!

Numbertime with P1b and P3/4

4 05 2017

Numbertime with P1b! on PhotoPeach
P3/4 and P1b met up with each other again this week to work with their learning buddies. They shared their numeracy skills with each other, playing domino addition and subtraction games as well as completing some spinner and dice numeracy challenges. Their mental calculation abilities were really put to the test but everyone worked together and managed to climb out of the learning pit to be successful, confident learners! Next week we are looking forward to some problem solving challenges!

P3/4 TAG Rugby Training

27 04 2017

TAG Rugby Training Session 1 on PhotoPeach
P3/4 enjoyed a sunny TAG rugby training session with Declan Slaven from East Lothian Active Schools at Musselburgh Rugby Club yesterday morning. They learned about dodging an opponent, throwing and catching using the ‘winner’ hand grasp as well as how to score a try. We are all very enthused and excited about next week’s session…I wonder which rugby skills they will be learning next?