P3/4 Reading Buddies with P1B

Reading Buddies with P1B on PhotoPeach
This week P3/4 had a ‘booktastic’ afternoon with their buddies in P1B sharing their reading and AR books with each other…next week we are looking forward to some exciting numeracy challenges using dominoes and number spinners!

Finding Shapes with our School Improvement Group Buddies

Finding Shapes with our School Improvement Group Buddies on PhotoPeach
P3/4 and P1B enjoyed looking for different kinds of 2D shapes as part of our school improvement group 2 learning challenge. We are all looking forward to meeting again next week to read and share our creative writing with each other.

P3/4 Author Visit at Musselburgh Library

P3/4 Author Visit at Musselburgh Library on PhotoPeach
P3/4 had a hilarious afternoon with the children’s author, Stuart Reid, at Musselburgh Library today. Stuart shared his inspiration for writing and the creative and imaginative ideas which have helped him to write the Gorgeous George series of adventure stories.

P3/4 Mary Queen of Scots Fact Files on PhotoPeach
P3/4 have worked really hard at home to create their very own fact file posters about Mary Queen of Scots. They used their learning experiences from school and also did their own personal research to complete this very exciting home learning challenge. All of the posters are very informative, detailed, well organised and eye catching. They have made a fantastic learning wall for everyone to enjoy in our classroom.

Healthy Eating at Tesco with P3/4

Learning about Food for Fuel at Tesco with P3/4! on PhotoPeach

P3/4 spent this afternoon at Tesco in Musselburgh with Jane Shepherd, the learning coordinator, who helped them to learn more about how important it is to eat a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet. They explored the supermarket together in teams collecting different types of foods for their shopping basket before Jane tested their knowledge with a food group quiz. Afterwards each pupil worked on a menu for an athlete before creating a healthy, happy and balanced food group face on a plate. P3/4 have learned that there are five main food groups: PROTEINS, CARBOHYDRATES, FRUIT, VEGETABLES AND DAIRY. We have all agreed as a class that every food group is important and NUTRITIOUS and DELICIOUS!

Food for Fuel at Tesco with P3/4 on PhotoPeach

Mary Queen of Scots Drama Workshop with P3/4

Mary Queen of Scots Drama with P3/4 on PhotoPeach

P3/4 explored the events in Mary Queen of Scots life with the ELC Drama Specialist Shonagh Davidson yesterday morning. They were in role as a member of the royal family before becoming spies! Everyone enjoyed using their knowledge of what happened to Mary Queen of Scots and bringing particular significant events to life through creative expression, mime and cooperative learning. We would like to thank Shonagh for a fantastic drama workshop and we will be using our experiences with her to help us to write our own Mary Queen of Scots biographies.

Mary Queen Of Scots Drama with P3/4 on PhotoPeach

Brilliant Badminton with P3/4!

Brilliant Badminton with P3/4! on PhotoPeach
P3/4 had a fantastic badminton taster session this morning. We learned how to hold and throw the shuttlecock before hitting it with the racket. It was a lot of fun playing with a partner and working together to improve our playing technique and skill.

Invasion Games with P3/4

P3/4 are having a great learning experience in P.E. so far this term. They are practising their passing, shooting and dribbling skills in preparation for different competitive invasion games.
Invasion Games with P3/4! on PhotoPeach
Invasion Games with P3/4! on PhotoPeach

Oreo Moon Phases with P3/4!

P3/4 had lots of fun learning about the different phases of the moon using Oreo cookies. The children worked cooperatively with a partner using the Oreos to represent the moon and to show how its appearance changes as it orbits the Earth.

Oreo Moon Phases with P3/4 on PhotoPeach

We are currently learning and exploring the Curriculum for Excellence outcome:

By safely observing and recording the sun and moon at various times, I can describe their patterns of movement and changes over time. I can relate these to the length of a day, a month and a year. SCN 1-06a

We also know that the moon is called the Earth’s Lunar Satellite because of the way in which it moves around the Earth. It is not a planet and it does not shine. Instead it reflects the light from the sun.