Groovy Gymnastics with P3/4!

4 10 2016

Groovy Gymnastics with P3/4! on PhotoPeach

P3/4 have been learning how to balance, roll and jump in P.E. as an introduction to their gymnastics. They used the floor mats and worked with each other to create sequences with strong balances, different rolls and jumps. The most important thing they have learned is to have strength and suppleness so that they can move safely in the gym. Our next step will be the high apparatus and spring box vault!
Groovy Gymnastics with P3/4! on PhotoPeach

Groovy Gymnastics with P3/4! on PhotoPeach

Awesome American Football with P3/4!

29 09 2016

Awesome American Football with P3/4! on PhotoPeach

P3/4 had a fantastic American Football taster session led by a coach from Touchdown UK. They learned how to dodge, block and challenge opponents whilst honing their passing and catching skills. The best part of the session was the team game ‘Baby, Broncho, Backpack!’. There are definitely some budding American football stars in our midst!

Romans Book Detectives Research with P6B!

23 09 2016

P3/4 have been working with a reading buddy from P6B and this week they were exploring a selection of non-fiction topic books to skim and scan for different facts and interesting information about the Romans. The teams used the contents and index pages to help them to choose different Roman topics to research and learn about together. When they found a tricky word they used the glossary to help them to understand its meaning so that they could read with greater understanding and enjoyment. Our next research topic is Flight and Forces…we cannot wait!
Roman Research with P6B! on PhotoPeach

Learning about Roman Foods at Newhailes

20 09 2016

Roman Foods at Newhailes on PhotoPeach

P3/4 had a fantastic morning at the Newhailes Estate with the National Trust Ranger, Stuart Whittaker, learning all about what the Romans used to eat. We saw brambles which the Romans liked to eat and they used the leaves for making tea and keeping their gums healthy. Stuart showed us a Dog Rose bush which we now called Rosehips and we found out that the Romans liked the berries because they are full of Vitamin C. We also looked at the sweet chestnut tree which was originally planted by the Romans. It has really long spiked leaves which the Romans used as a food plate and they also used the wood to make boats. The sweet chestnuts grow in very small spiky cases and the Romans used to roast them before they ate them. One of the most important plants we learned about was wheat as the Romans discovered that it could be ground down and made into bread and rolls. One of their favourite things to eat were wheat pancakes! Stuart explained that wheat was very important to the Roman Empire as the Romans started trading and selling wheat all around the world and they made a lot of money from doing this. After our food detective explorations around the Newhailes Estate we all made our own Roman laurel wreaths from Sweet Chestnut leaves. P3/4 are all looking forward to continuing to learn even more about the Romans after such a fun outdoor learning experience this morning.

Voting for our P3/4 Pupil Council Representative

13 09 2016

Voting for our P3/4 Pupil Council Representative on PhotoPeach

P3/4 had a very exciting start to their school day today when they took part in our Pupil Council Election. We all arrived at the Polling Station in the school library at 9am sharp with our ballot papers eager and ready to cast our votes…now we are excitedly awaiting the results which are due to be announced on Thursday!

Having Fun Reading with the Nursery!

9 09 2016

P3/4 had a super time when they spent time in our school library reading with the nursery children…we are all looking forward to meeting up again soon!
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Getting Fit with P3/4!

1 09 2016

Let’s Get Fit with P3/4! on PhotoPeach

P3/4 were learning how to develop their muscle strength and power while getting fit today in P.E. Everyone worked in small teams and completed a fitness circuit challenge which involved sit ups, squats, burpees, the plank and step ups. After each circuit there was a short recovery before starting again and we all learned how this cycle of activity helps to raise the heart rate and improve general fitness, strength and power. We are all looking forward to more circuits challenges next week!

P3/4 Olympians!

18 08 2016

P3/4 Olympians! on PhotoPeach

P3/4 enjoyed participating in a mini Olympics today in P.E. They were throwing the javelin, jumping hurdles and showing great perseverance and resilience when running the marathon. We definitely have some budding Olympians in our midst!
Mini Olympics! on PhotoPeach