Return of the Lego Club!

16 04 2018

The Lego Club is back! Mr Keiller and Miss Millar are starting the Lego club again for P3 and P4 after school. Forms have already been handed out so if you’re interested then fill them in and return them to Mr Keiller. If you’ve lost your form, don’t worry there’s still time to ask Mr Keiller for another one.

Check out the times and dates below:

P4 Snow Day!

2 03 2018

Hi Primary 4!

What have we done to annoy the snow makers? First our trip to Bannockburn was cancelled and now we can’t do our assembly today!

We hope that you’re all staying safe and warm and having a fantastic time in the snow.

When you come back, we’re going to be starting our next fortnightly block of literacy and we’re going to be reading and writing an imaginative story. The story that you are going to write is going to be set on a snowy day. Your job just now is to spend some time in the snow exploring it to see what it’s like so that you can think of some good adjectives and figurative language that you could incorporate into your snowy story when you come back. Your story can be about anything so you might want to start thinking about a plot and characters just now. Maybe you need to stay at home and watch some films for  inspiration….

We also missed World Book Day where the theme was to share a story. Could you build a snowman and share a story with it? It would be even better if you built a snowsloth! We would love to see any photos! We will give a prize for the most original and creative photo of someone sharing a story in
an unusual place.

We hope to see you again soon!

Miss Cleland and Miss Learmonth

Our P4 Christmas Party

19 12 2016



P4 had a fantastic time at their Christmas party this morning. They played Musical Statues, Pass the Parcel and French Christmas Corners. We all enjoyed dancing the Canadian Barn Dance, The Virginia Reel, The Dashing White Sergeant and The Flying Scotsman before singing some well known Christmas carols to finish.


P3/4 and P4 Roman Assembly

11 11 2016

P3/4 and both P4 classes had a fantastic morning sharing their knowledge about the Romans during their assembly this morning. We hope you all enjoyed it and for those of you who were unable to come along we hope this gives you a flavour of what we have been learning about!
P3/4 AND P4 ROMAN ASSEMBLY on PhotoPeach

P3/4 AND P4 ROMAN ASSEMBLY on PhotoPeach

Meeting the Roman Antonine Guard with P3/4, P4A and P4B!

27 10 2016

Meeting the Roman Antonine Guard on PhotoPeach

Our P3/4, 4A and P4B pupils had a fantastic afternoon meeting a Roman Antonine Guard and learning even more about how the Roman Army lived, trained and fought. Some of us got to handle his weaponry, armour and even experience battle re-enactment moves. We are all now very excited about sharing our knowledge at our yeargroup assembly in November.
The Roman Antonine Guard on PhotoPeach

Exploring Roman Artefacts on PhotoPeach

P4 and P6 attend The Biggest Book Show Event

6 03 2016

World Book Day’s Biggest Book Show on Earth on PhotoPeach

Celebrating Scots Poetry and Dance with P2/3, P3 and P4

28 01 2016

Our Scots Tung Poetry Recitals on PhotoPeach

P2/3, P3 and P4 all enjoyed a short Scots poetry recital celebration yesterday afternoon as part of our school Scotland focus this month. Some of the P3 girls performed traditional Highland dancing which was outstanding. To finish we all enjoyed singing one of our favourites, ‘Three Craws’. Well done everyone, you were all very confident and effective contributors as well as being successful learners!

P4 Rainforest Experience

7 12 2015

A snapshot of P4’s Rainforest project and pictures presented at last week’s Assembly, showcasing our topic work.



P4 Rainforest Experience on PhotoPeach