P5 Snowy Days Home Learning Activities!

1 03 2018

Good Morning P5!

Can you guess what this snowman has been up to?
Create a caption using no more than 25 words.


Due to the adverse weather conditions all pupils are off school again today so in between your sledging adventures, snowball fights, symmetrical snow angels and  igloo construction here are some optional home learning activities that you might enjoy exploring together at home:

Just click on these links and have fun learning and achieving every day!

Visible Learning and Critical Thinking – What do you SEE, THINK and WONDER?

LITERACY TASKS  at Pobble 365

CREATIVE WRITING at The Literacy Shed


Remember these are all optional activities for you to try. We will be exploring these further when we are back in school.

I am looking forward to hearing all about your snowy adventures when you are all back in school next week P5 ;0)

Take care, stay safe and warm.

Miss Lendrum



Snowtastic Snow-People Science!

1 03 2018

Some more exciting learning challenges for P5!

Let the snow adventures begin!


Why not check out these fun science experiments today?

Baking Soda Snow-People and Melting Snow-People Slime!


Just click on these links for the instructions:

Baking Soda Snow-People and Melting Snow-People Slime!

You could also get wrapped up, go outdoors and then time how long it takes for your snow creation to melt. Why not build a snow-dog, a snow-dragon, a snow-cat or a even a penguin?

Remember to ask an adult at home for permission before you begin, have lots of fun and stay super cosy!


Snazzy Super Snowy Learning in P5!

1 03 2018

Happy St David’s Day P5L!

I hope you have all been outside enjoying the snow, building snowmen and making snow angels…who would believe it is the first day of spring?!


Why not wrap up warm and make your own symmetrical snow angels?

For some extra activities why not try some of these snowy challenges:

Snow Spelling

Get wrapped up warm and write your group spelling words in the snow and then take a photograph. Maybe you could use your boot prints to form your words instead of using your hands!

Snowball Arrays

Get wrapped up warm again and head outside to build snowball arrays for each of your multiplication facts. Challenge yourself and try one of the multiplication families that you find a little tricky!

Remember you can always practise your numeracy and maths skills online at Topmarks:

Snow-People Beetle Drive

Get wrapped up warm again and head outside to play a snow-people beetle drive.

Roll a dice for each of the following:

1 – head

2 – body

3 – eyes

4 – scarf

5 – nose

6 – mouth

The first person to build a completed snow-person is the winner! ENJOY!!!

Mini Winter Olympics

Get wrapped up warm again and build your own mini winter Olympics slalom sledge circuit. Make sure you build it in a safe place far from roads and pavements. Maybe in a park or back garden. Jump on a sledge and go for it! Wear a bike helmet if you are heading down hill just in case!

Art Attack

If you prefer  to stay indoors why not get creative and draw, paint or make a collage snowy scene to bring in to school to share with the class. You could look out the window and draw what you see or just use you imagination.

Snowy Adventure Writing

Grab a pencil and get writing! Use this story start to write your own imaginative adventure:

It was a bright, frosty morning. The pavement glistened like a carpet of crushed diamonds in the early morning sunshine.

Technology Challenge

Build a model snow mobile with all of your recycled rubbish – make sure any plastics are clean first and check with the adults at home!

Your snow mobile must have:

Two moving parts.

A place to store essential supplies.

A person to drive and control it.

Lights and a radio for emergencies.

Happy World Book Day 2018!

Get wrapped up warm and head outdoors to read your favourite book and share some stories with your friends and family. Take a photograph to share with the class when we are back at school.

Or if you prefer staying indoors, get comfortable under your duvet with your favourite book and have a cosy read. Challenge yourself – how many pages or chapters or even books can you read in a day? HAPPY WORLD BOOK DAY!

These are just a few ideas, I am sure you and your family and friends have thought of many other exciting snowy activities to enjoy together. Most of all stay warm and safe P5 ;0)

Take good care and hopefully I will see you all soon.

Miss Lendrum


20 12 2017


Egyptian Pharaoh Drama!

6 12 2017

P5L enjoyed exploring the Ancient Egyptian tomb of Tutankhamun today with Drama Specialist Teacher, Shonagh Davidson. They created a human labyrinth full of Egyptian treasures and artefacts, became Egyptian citizens for the Pharaoh and created a freeze frame of the Tomb of Tutankhamun before forming a corridor of thought. It was a very magical afternoon of creative discovery and learning…
Pharaoh Drama! on PhotoPeach

Exploring the World of Construction with P3K and P5L!

5 12 2017

P3K and P5L had an exciting and very interactive exploratory learning experience this afternoon when they investigated the STEM – Science, Technology, Maths and Science – construction box that has been on loan to our school as part of a science curriculum initiative. The children worked co-operatively in small teams to build walls, role play different construction jobs, use a trundle wheel for measure as well as look at a variety of books about buildings and create models with small construction kit materials. Everyone was enthused and inspired by the session. We definitely have some budding architects, builders, joiners and chartered surveyors in our midst!
Exploring the World of Construction with P3K and P5L! on PhotoPeach

Paired Reading with P2 and P5L

10 11 2017

P2 and P5L enjoyed a paired reading session with each other today…
Paired Reading with P2 and P5L on PhotoPeach
Next week we are going to explore some of our new non-fiction topic books.

Groovy Gymnastic with P5L!

27 10 2017

Groovy Gymnastics with P5L! on PhotoPeach
P5L had a fantastic morning in the gym hall today with our P.E Specialist teacher, Mrs Clapperton. They were exploring and using their ‘thinking body’ to develop and create their own gymnastics sequences using balance, control and movement. Everyone worked hard both independently and co-operatively to extend their technical gymnastics skills and abilities ready for more complicated apparatus next week.

Recycled Bird Feeders with P5L

27 10 2017

As part of their Bronze John Muir Award P5L worked with Emily Sanderson, the National of Scotland Ranger at Newhailes, to make lard balls and recycled bird feeders for our school wild garden areas. The children are going to monitor the garden bird population in our school grounds to try and identify the different species of birds that choose to visit and feed every week. Emily and a NTS volunteer Fiona also told the class all about different types of garden birds that live in the U.K and let them listen to their birdsong as one way of identifying each species. Everyone got involved in making delicious wild bird seed lard balls which are a really good source of food and energy for garden birds over the colder autumn and winter months. We are now all very excite to get outside and watch and wait for our feathered friends to visit and feed!
Brilliant Bird Feeders with P5L! on PhotoPeach
Brilliant Bird Feeders with P5L! on PhotoPeach
We are all definitely becoming very responsible citizens and experiencing new learning opportunities which are making sure we are achieving everyday!

Tsunami Wave Art by P5L

28 09 2017

Tsunami Wave Art by P5L on PhotoPeach
P5L have been inspired by the Japanese artist, Hokusai, to paint their own tsunami waves as part of their interdisciplinary topic, Man-Made and Natural Disasters. They used oil pastels and mixed watercolours to explore hot and cold colours as they drew and painted their own wave pictures.