Fireworks Safety Posters with P3/4 and P5A

Firework Safety Posters with P3/4 and P5A on PhotoPeach

P3/4 and P5A worked collaboratively in pairs and small teams to design and make their own fireworks safety posters for display in the school. The children all agreed that they wanted to help educate the wider school community about how important it is to stay safe this weekend when so many fireworks displays are being held in and near Musselburgh. P3/4 and P5A are definitely becoming responsible citizens and effective contributors!

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Reading is Braw with Queen Margaret University

P2/3 and P5 enjoyed meeting Callum McGuire from Queen Margaret University during their buddy reading time in the school library this afternoon. Callum came to talk to the children about his lifelong love of books and reading as part of our ‘Reading is Braw’ community reading initiative. Callum also talked to the children about his work with Queen Margaret University before sharing some of the books he has edited and helped to publish. He then read the first two chapters from one of his favourite children’s books, The Hundred Mile an Hour Dog by Jeremy Strong, which everyone found really funny. We all enjoyed meeting Callum today and he has inspired us to keep reading everyday because reading really is BRAW!
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Exploding Drinks and Fizzy Balloons with P2/3 and P5!

P2/3 and P5 had another morning of science experimentation today when they explored the power of the gas, carbon dioxide…next week we are going to look at the PH scale when we mix acid and alkali materials to learn what happens when two opposites are combined!
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Celebrating World Book Day with P5 and P2/3

P2/3 enjoyed celebrating World Book Day by coming to school dressed as their favourite book characters…there was Spiderman, Harry Potter, Charlie Bucket and many other fantastic characters. During Softstart worked with our P5 buddies to complete an extra special World Book Day Scavenger Hunt in our school library before meeting the author of the Princess Poppy books, Janey Jones. She told us all about how to write an exciting book for children. We all felt inspired to write own books after meeting her!
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Miss Robson also gave us a huge present to open together and guess what we found inside? Some brand new books for our school library! We had lots of fun looking through them and reading extracts to each other before putting them in the library for everyone in the school to enjoy. Now we are all feeling really motivated to read three times every week for ten minutes for ‘Reading is Braw’…Keep reading everyone!
Celebrating World Book Day with P2/3 on PhotoPeach

Exploring and Experimenting with Soluble and Insoluble Materials with P2/3 and P5.

Soluble or Insoluble? Experimenting and Exploring Dissolving with P2/3 and P5! on PhotoPeach

P5 and P2/3 had a fantastic afternoon of science detective work involving lots of experimentation with the aim being to find out which kind of materials are soluble and which are insoluble. An important part of their active cooperative learning experience was discovering what ‘dissolving’ really means and how it is different from ‘melting’. Each group had a selection of cups filled with salt, instant coffee granules, flour, uncooked rice, sugar, gravy granules and sand. They added equal quantities of water to each and mixed thoroughly to make a new solution while watching and recording any interesting changes that they noticed…Which materials do you think we decided were soluble and which did we agree were insoluble? Why not try our experiment at home together to find out for yourself!

Vikings Rock!

Vikings Rock! on PhotoPeach

P2/3 worked with their P5b reading buddies to research and learn more about the Vikings. Each talking pair chose a non fiction Viking topic book and then used the Contents and Index pages to help them to read, select and note down any interesting Viking facts. Some of the class also used the Glossary to help them to understand what some very tricky Viking topic words meant. We are all really looking forward to meeting again next week to finish our reading for information topic task.

Magic Measure with P2/3 and P5!

Magic Measure with P2/3 and P5 on PhotoPeach

P5 and P2/3 had lots of maths fun when they worked together and explored measuring centimetres (cm) using a ruler. We now know that there are 100cm in a metre and 30cm in a long school ruler. We used our knowledge to help us to measure different lengths, widths and heights.

Spooky Spells and Potions with P2/3 and P5!

Spooky Spells with P2/3 and P5 on PhotoPeach

P2/3 and P5 have had a fantastic time working together to create their own spooky potions and spells using William Shakespeare’s famous poem from MacBeth as their reading and writing stimulus…’Double, double, toil and trouble, Fire burn and cauldron bubble!’

Library Time with our P5 Reading Buddies!

Library Time with our P5 Reading Buddies! on PhotoPeach

P2/3 and P5 enjoyed a fun reading buddy session in our school library this week. P2/3 shared their reading group books and chose a new library book to read at home with their family and friends. For a spooky Halloween treat, we all enjoyed reading some ‘Funnybones’ stories together! Next week we are all looking forward to some Viking fact finding using the non fiction topic books that we have received from the East Lothian Library Service.