Magic Number Games with P2/3 and their P7 Buddies!

Magic Number Games with P7! on PhotoPeach

P2/3 and P7 enjoyed a fun filled active number learning experience yesterday when they played a variety of addition and subtraction games together. The P7 buddies helped their P2/3 partner try out different methods and strategies for calculations within 20 and even up to 50! It was a really motivational and exciting learning experience for everyone involved.

Our P2/3 Health and Wellbeing Survey

Our P2/3 Health and Wellbeing Survey on PhotoPeach

P2/3 had some very interesting discussions with their P7 buddies when they were completing a pupil health and wellbeing survey this morning. They enjoyed sharing their thoughts, ideas and opinions about feeling safe, included, nurtured, respected, healthy, active and achieving in school. We also have a class ‘Health and Wellbeing Wheel’ which helps us to share our feelings with pictures, photographs and words within our classroom.