P7 Snow Day!

2 03 2018

Back in the granite city of Aberdeen I don’t remember ever having a snow day… what a treat!

Snowy back gardens and public parks gives us the chance to explore and build (I hope many snowdogs in the name of Harold have been built.)

Take the opportunity to try a fun spelling activity and spell your words in the snow, and why not take a selfie once you have finished the task so we can look at them as a class on monday.

Since we are going to be writing a personal account in the next couple of weeks, try and write a small account of an adventure you have had during your snow day. Remember to include effective openers (verbs and adverbs) to set the tone and using descriptive vocabulary throughout.

We will also be finishing our work with multiplication and division in the next week so have a look at playing some of these fractions games as that is what we will be learning more about next.


Most importantly, have fun. Enjoy playing in the snow, make the most of it while it is here.

Mr. Dougall

Campie Riders Final Session

14 03 2016

Well done to all who part in this six week block of lessons. Everyone had great fun and made excellent progress with their riding.

Campie Riders on PhotoPeach

Miss Elgin

Magic Number Games with P2/3 and their P7 Buddies!

28 01 2016

Magic Number Games with P7! on PhotoPeach

P2/3 and P7 enjoyed a fun filled active number learning experience yesterday when they played a variety of addition and subtraction games together. The P7 buddies helped their P2/3 partner try out different methods and strategies for calculations within 20 and even up to 50! It was a really motivational and exciting learning experience for everyone involved.

Our P2/3 Health and Wellbeing Survey

11 12 2015

Our P2/3 Health and Wellbeing Survey on PhotoPeach

P2/3 had some very interesting discussions with their P7 buddies when they were completing a pupil health and wellbeing survey this morning. They enjoyed sharing their thoughts, ideas and opinions about feeling safe, included, nurtured, respected, healthy, active and achieving in school. We also have a class ‘Health and Wellbeing Wheel’ which helps us to share our feelings with pictures, photographs and words within our classroom.