Nursery: Mrs Demarco, Miss Smith, Mrs Welsh, Mrs Park, Mrs Smith & Mrs Ryan

Enhanced Provision Class:  ( The Hive) Mrs Ingham
Nurture Teacher: Mrs Matheson

P1R: Mrs Robertson
P1C: Mrs Cleland

P1/2: Mrs Colver

P2AQ: Miss Quinlan & Mrs Alexander
P2H:  Miss Hay (Thursdays – Miss Elgin)

P3B: Mrs Bayne
P3L: Miss Leyland

P4SB: Mrs Skene & Mrs Beckett
P4I: Mrs Inglis

P5WM: Mrs Whatmore & Miss MacFarlane
P5L: Miss Lendrum

P6C: Miss Christian
P6L:  Miss Learmonth
P6S:  Mrs Smith (Thursdays – Miss Robson)

P7B: Mrs Blackie (Principal Teacher)
P7K: Mr Keiller

Support for Learning: Mrs Roberts

PE Specialist: Mrs Clapperton

Music Specialist: Miss Ireland

Remaining Time Cover Teacher: Mrs Cleeton

MA3 Student: Miss Campbell

Depute Head Teachers: Miss Elgin & Miss Robson

Head Teacher: Mrs McKay

Short Term Cover: Miss Elgin & Miss Robson

Guitar Tuition: tbc

Brass Tuition: Ms J Barr

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