Cycle Training

East Lothian Outdoor Learning Service are happy to announce a new round of funding allowing them to further their offer of cycle training courses to school staff and volunteers. They are offering Cycle Training Assistant (CTA) and Cycle Trainer (CT) Courses as well as a mentoring programme.

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Beebot Programming with P2/3!

Beebot Programming with P2/3 on PhotoPeach

P2/3 had great fun programming the Beebot robots using their knowledge of right, left, forwards, backwards and the four compass points to help them. They worked cooperatively in teams to programme and navigate the Beebots around various different mats…sometimes their directions worked and sometimes they did not! Look out for any Beebot escapees in the playground!!!

‘George Walking’ with group 1

Everyone enjoyed the gorge walk, rechristened ‘George Walking’ (thanks Felix!), at Lagganlia this week… freezing cold water, a whirlpool, rock slides, cannonballing, waterfalls…Amazing!
Here are some photos of group 1 making the most of this adventure!

Group 1 Gorge Walking on PhotoPeach

more Lagganlia news…

While group 2 were eating our picnic lunch next to Kingussie Crags on Tuesday we spotted some ruins in the distance… What were they? A church? A castle? A cathedral?

Group 2 explore the ruins of Ruthven Barracks on PhotoPeach

On the way back to the centre we stopped by to check them out… They were a barracks, built after the first Jacobite Rebellion… We even found the ruins of the soldiers’ toilets.

We’re back!!

After a great week at Lagganlia with our friends from Wallyford, we’re back!!
Here are some pictures of group 2 on their Rock Climbing and Abseiling Adventure on Tuesday…

Group 2 Rock Climbing and Abseiling on PhotoPeach

We headed off to Kingussie Crags, the views were incredible. We started practising bouldering over the rocks, then we did 2 climbs and abseiled from even higher up!!