Magic Measure with P2/3 and P5!

Magic Measure with P2/3 and P5 on PhotoPeach

P5 and P2/3 had lots of maths fun when they worked together and explored measuring centimetres (cm) using a ruler. We now know that there are 100cm in a metre and 30cm in a long school ruler. We used our knowledge to help us to measure different lengths, widths and heights.

Spooky Spells and Potions with P2/3 and P5!

Spooky Spells with P2/3 and P5 on PhotoPeach

P2/3 and P5 have had a fantastic time working together to create their own spooky potions and spells using William Shakespeare’s famous poem from MacBeth as their reading and writing stimulus…’Double, double, toil and trouble, Fire burn and cauldron bubble!’

Lagganlia Update.

Greetings from Lagganlia!

As you can imagine everyone hasĀ been very busy today with biking, gorge walking, canoeing and ADVENTURING! The Internet situation here is a bit tricky, good wifi but not great for postingĀ lots of photos but we’ll do our best.

Keep updated by following us on Twitter (@whatsonatcampie) and our friends at Wallyford Primary School (@wallyfordps).

In the meantime here’s some more photos of our Mountain Bike adventure!

Library Time with our P5 Reading Buddies!

Library Time with our P5 Reading Buddies! on PhotoPeach

P2/3 and P5 enjoyed a fun reading buddy session in our school library this week. P2/3 shared their reading group books and chose a new library book to read at home with their family and friends. For a spooky Halloween treat, we all enjoyed reading some ‘Funnybones’ stories together! Next week we are all looking forward to some Viking fact finding using the non fiction topic books that we have received from the East Lothian Library Service.

Symmetrical Spelling!

Symmetrical Spelling on PhotoPeach

P2/3 have been learning more about lines of symmetry and they enjoyed another fun maths buddy activity with P5. Each talking pair had to use a mirror to find the lines of symmetry in different capital letters and then draw in the missing half of each letter. Once they had completed the alphabet they worked cooperatively using their letters to make some of their group spelling words. We all agree…symmetry rocks!

‘So You Want to be a Viking!’

‘So You Want to be a Viking!’ on PhotoPeach

P2/3 and P3a and P3b had a fantastic day at the National Museum learning all about Vikings. They met Sven and Ulrika who taught them all about longships, Viking Warriors, the Viking Runic alphabet and a Viking song! After the show we all enjoyed handling lots of different replica Viking objects. We are all now very excited and ready to learn even more about the Vikings! We once again like to extend our thanks to the parents and carers who were able to accompany us on this trip…we hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did.

Playground Plans

Campie Community have big plans for the Campie playground.
Come and see them in the school library on Tuesday and Thursday this week, at the same time as Parents Consultations.
Vote for what you’d like to see in our playground.

Awesome Autumn Foraging and Fairy Houses at Newhailes!

Awesome Autumn at Newhailes with P2/3! on PhotoPeach

P2/3 enjoyed a fantastic morning of foraging for autumn leaves, bark, twigs and any other interesting things that they could find and collect during their time exploring the Newhailes Estate woodlands. Stuart Whittaker, the National Trust Ranger met the class at the entrance to the Estate and led them on a magical Hansel and Gretel themed flour trail through the woods where they saw a sycamore tree with a nest of hibernating snails!
Then they all got the chance to work with a partner to design and build an elf or fairy house using their own foraged natural things. As you can see from our photographs our finished creations are
After enjoying a tasty snack ‘al fresco’ together under the woodland canopy we all worked cooperatively to create a giant Mayfly using more autumn leaves and foraged natural items. We found two pieces of charred wood which had become charcoal for the eyes. Did you know that the Mayfly was often mistaken for a fairy in Victorian times?
P2/3 cannot wait to visit Newhailes again… it was AWESOME! Our many thanks go to our parents and carers who accompanied us today and to Stuart Whittaker for a really fun and engaging workshop.