P2/3 Reading Buddies!

P2/3 Reading Buddies on PhotoPeach

P2/3 had great fun on Friday morning sharing their favourite books and the holiday postcards that they wrote by themselves with their P5 reading buddies. They also enjoyed exploring lots of different non fiction rainforest topic books together. Next week we are all looking forward to another fun paired reading session in the school library where P5 have been helping P2/3 to browse, read and then borrow books by themselves.

Campie Loves Reading

We Love to Read Together on PhotoPeach

Our ‘Reading for Enjoyment’ focus got off to a great start this week.
We are all reading with buddies from other classes, it is great fun to read together.
We are learning about our favourite authors and discovering a few new ones.

“You can have magic wherever you look,
Sit back and relax,
All you need is a book….” Dr Seuss

P2/3 Enjoying Fun and Fitness in Gym!

P2/3 Enjoying Fun and Fitness in Gym! on PhotoPeach

P2/3 had great fun in gym today with Mrs Clapperton, our P.E. Specialist teacher. Everyone worked cooperatively with each other to play games that required super communication, think, pair, share and team work.The ‘Bean Bag Target Challenge’ was especially exciting and everyone demonstrated excellent sportsmanship when they shook hands and congratulated and thanked each other for a great game.



We will be launching our reading for enjoyment focus on Friday. The children will gather in the hall: P2/3, P3 and P4 at 9.15am, N, P1 and P2 at 10am and P5, P6 and P7 at 11am. Please join us if you can.

Welcome back – LET’S READ!


We’ll be starting the session with a ‘Reading for Enjoyment’ focus.

Research shows that reading for enjoyment is a very important skill for children that can have a positive impact on all their learning.

We will be buddying up with other classes to read, we will be ‘dropping everything and reading’, we will be sharing our favourite books and stories. Some of us will be visiting the Edinburgh Book Festival and we’ll all be visiting Musselburgh Library soon.

We’d like as many different people to read to the children as possible. Would you be willing to read to a small group of children in school one day?
Please contact Miss Robson at school if you have any questions…
Happy Reading!