🌈Our Growing Forest 🌱🌳

2 04 2020

Hello everyone

Our trees and rainbows continue to remind us to stay safe,  of our values and celebrate how unique we are!

Here is our next update on some of your wonderful creations!

Mrs McKay

Challenge 2 🤔 What is creativity?

27 03 2020

Some more brilliant responses to Challenge 2!

We live our values at Campie.

Explore some more examples of what we have been working on.


🎯Creativity Challenge 2:

27 03 2020

Our second creativity challenge is now live!

Remember  It is optional

Challenge 2:

What is Creativity?

We know that this is one of our values.
Let’s explore it more . . . and get creative!

  1. Take some time to find out more about what creativity is.
  2.  Choose a creative task that suits you.

Make your own poster describing what creativity means
Try creating an infographic using digital tools
Tell someone about what you have learned and ask them how they use creativity

Some children have already created posters!

Take a look.