Mindset Moment 2: Your Amazing Brain

4 09 2016

Many of our classes have been finding out more about our amazing brain. As well as exploring all the different areas of the brain and what they control some children have been looking at how learning affects our brain.

grow your brain


Growth Mindset Focus

21 08 2016

MistakeMindset is an idea developed by Dr.Carol Dweck.

A set of beliefs that determine somebody’s behaviour and outlook in life.


There are two types of mindset:

*A fixed mindset

*A growth mindset


The characteristics of a Growth Mindset are:

*the belief that intelligence can be developed over time

through effort, dedication and hard work

*children persevere with tasks

*they enjoy challenges

*they see setbacks and criticism as lessons to be learnt from

*are inspired by and learn from the success of others

Our first focus is:

What we say matters!

We will be using and also encouraging children to adopt language which encourages a Growth Mindset such as:

“Everything is hard before it gets easy.”

“I can’t do this . . yet!”

” I will try another strategy.”

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