School Handbook Consultation: May 2023

10 05 2023

This consultation is to establish if our current handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the main information that any parent/carers requires.

A draft version (without any additional formatting) can be accessed from the link below.

Campie School Handbook April 2023

Please take a few minutes to read the contents and respond via the survey.


Updates and edits will then be made and a more appealing format developed e.g. quotes, photographs and links to additional sources of information.

This will be our start point and we will then seek your views to develop our Communication Strategy next. This will then be an appendix to the Handbook

Thank you in advance for your support.

Self Evaluation at Campie

15 05 2021

Hello Campie Community

This week’s HT update  provided details of two surveys we would like you to participate in.


Whilst as a team we reflect on our successes and achievements, it is your child’s experience of school and the impact on their learning that is critical in helping us to identify what is working well and what we could do better. Therefore, your child is involved in providing their feedback and has a
voice in determining our next steps. It is also crucial that you can contribute to this process.  The more contributions we have, the more accurate our evaluation will be and next year’s plan will have clearly identified priorities based on robust and valid evidence.
To prevent ‘survey fatigue,’ I have shared two surveys this week and politely request that you contribute to one more another next week.

As part of my HT updates I will detail the outcome  and how these have been ‘mapped’ into our School Improvement Plan. Our Standards and Quality report  will also provide insight into the outcome of both parental and learner input.

Please take a few minutes to provide your feedback.

Kind regards



HT Update 12.5.21

Parent/Carer Survey: May 2018

23 05 2018

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Summer Fayre: Improving Our Playground

11 06 2017

The Summer Fayre was a fantastic success! A huge thank you to the fundraising team for all their hard work and commitment.  They worked tirelessly to ensure the day was fun and ran smoothly. A big thank you to all the volunteers that helped on the day too. We look forward to hearing how successful the outcome is and how much has been raised to fund the playground improvements.

Governance Review

2 11 2016

Please follow the link to access further information about the above review.


Partners in Learning

30 08 2016


We wish to ensure that everyone at Campie Primary School provides opportunities for all families to engage in their child’s learning.


An opportunity to come along and meet that staff that lead your children’s learning in school. All welcome.

Thursday 1st September


Find out more: Partners in Learning

Find out More


Soft Start and Assembly 16_17

***Please note the Assembly on 11/11/16 is for P4 and P3/4

Making The Difference-A New Law to Support Parents

Home Learning at Campie

12 01 2016


During the Parent Consultations (20/10/15 and 22/10/15) a number of different options for Home Learning were shared. We detailed the purpose of home learning and our central aims in creating a new approach.

There was an opportunity for parents/carers to vote on the preferred format and make suggestions to ensure the model we adopted for Home Learning is:

  • valuable
  • enjoyable for all
  • provides opportunities for children to be creative
  • providing choice in the tasks and how learners undertake them.

Please follow the link for more information on our new approach.

Home Learning