Scottish National Standardised Assessments

20 12 2017

This session schools across Scotland will be using Scottish National Standardised Assessments.

Extract from  Scottish National Standardised Assessment  (SNSA) /Scottish Government website:

The Scottish Government has introduced a single, nationally developed set of standardised assessments, designed to reflect the way we deliver education in Scotland, through Curriculum for Excellence. These assessments are expected to replace the variety of existing standardised assessments that local authorities and schools use at the moment.

Ongoing and informal assessment is, and will continue to be, a central part of everyday assessment. Teachers will continue to draw on all of the assessment information available to them, when considering children’s progress and planning the next steps in their learning.


To find out more follow the link to the Parents’ and Carers’ section of the SNSA website:

Link to find out more.

Mindset Moment: Mistakes are proof you are trying!

14 11 2016


We are continuing our focus on how mistakes help us in the learning process.

Do you have any examples you can share with your child about a time when you learned something new as a result of a mistake or, how you continued to practise despite making mistakes and eventually achieved something worthwhile?

Why don’t you share this experience?

Mindset Moment: Every mistake . . .

7 11 2016

Although we may feel nervous about making mistakes, if we understand that every mistake we make is progress then we should celebrate and welcome mistakes as a vital part of the learning process. This week we will be exploring how we can support one another to use any mistakes we make to make progress in our learning.