Successful Learners at Campie

28 05 2021

Hello Campie Community 👋

The focus of today’s assembly was ‘What makes a successful learner?





We explored the skills and attributes that we need to be successful:









Miss Elgin, Miss Robson and I then went on a tour to hear about Campie’s successful learners . . .

Wow – we were impressed! Classes found it difficult to choose which new learning they wanted to share with us.  In  the discussions we had, learners were enthusiastic, motivated and shared lots of detail about what and how they had learned.

What a wonderful way to spend a morning! ⭐

Why not check out the Twitter feed to see some of the great examples of learning that were shared with us!



See below same photos of other learning  . . cakes, clavicle, clay, cooperation, caterpillar, collaboration, communication and much much more!  👍


Mindset Moment

1 11 2016

 Mistakes are brilliant!


Our next focus in developing a growth mind-set is on exploring just why making mistakes is such an important part of the learning process. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at the why the way we respond to mistakes is a powerful tool that changes our brain and helps us to become more successful.

Our first focus is Our Brains: Why mistakes matter.

Advances in technology have allowed us to look at the electrical activity that occurs when a growth mind-set brain recognises error – it lights up! This is evidence that new connections are being made -exactly what we need to start the learning process.




Every Moment is a Learning Moment

16 11 2015

Riding My Bike

We are very aware that lots of learning happens outside of school and as a school we want to encourage pupils to share their experiences and successes.

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