Internet Safety

At Campie, staying safe online is a whole school priority. We are committed to providing up to date technologies for children and staff as well as giving users the knowledge and skills to use them safely and with respect.

With this in mind each child is required to agree to an Acceptable Use Policy . This is like a promise to treat technology with respect, be kind and considerate online and be wary of the dangers to surfing the net.  A copy of our AUP can be found here.

In addition to this, Campie has also facilitated Right Click Internet Safety workshops that give parents and carers more information on some of the more complicated parts of online life. If you haven’t been able to come to one of these sessions you can still view the presentation and download the handout which provides information on setting boundaries, restrictions and limits on certain types of technologies as well as highlighting what to do in the event of cyber bullying or online game harassment. Google also provides information on Internet Safety too.

We are are also aware that monitoring how screen time, children using apps and accessing potentially inappropriate Internet content is a concern for many parents. To help with this there are some helpful tools / apps from Apple and Google that limit screen time, shut down / lock devices at certain times and monitor app activity, for more information please visit the following sites: