Communication Wednesday – 4th March 2020

IMS Concerts
Instrumental Music Showcase concerts that will be held on two evenings this year rather than the traditional one. The concerts are on Wednesday 4th March in Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh and Thursday 5th March in North Berwick High School. Both events commence at 7pm. Tickets can be purchase via the Brunton Theatre Box Office.

World Book Day
We are all looking forward to World Book Day on Thursday 5th March.
Reading is so important, as a learning skill, to build empathy and promote mental well-being. We will be celebrating reading all day on Thursday.
Please join us at special assemblies on Thursday at 0915 for N-P2, 1000 for P3-P5 and 1100 for P6 and P7, a storyteller will be here to share stories with us. Bring back your book themed tatties and be ready to Drop Everything and Read! We’ll be bringing First Minister’s Reading Challenge passports and World Book day £1 vouchers home with us.

Easter Assemblies
On Friday 3rd April we will welcome Rev Mitchell from Northesk Church to Campie for three Easter assemblies lead by our Primary 2 pupils. These assemblies will be at the usual times and will replace the service in the church.

All our families and friends are invited to join us on what will be a happy celebration of Easter, spring and new beginnings. If you have any questions about this, please contact Miss Elgin.

Campie Eco Group
The Campie Eco Friends group will collect plastic bottle tops, used tea bags and mascara wands from classes every Friday and they have now placed a collection bin for used batteries near the office.


Please pay for all lunches, nursery fund, trips, panto etc. through SchoolPay – please contact school if you have not registered. We can give you your access code. This is applicable for all children from Nursery to Primary 7.
Your child will always be given a lunch. If they order one through the classroom or present themselves at the dining hall, even if you have given them a packed lunch, this will create a £2 debit against your SchoolPay account, which will need to be paid as for as the lunch has been made.

In rare circumstances, cash can be taken. Please note these circumstances are exceptional. Please let the school know if you have no access to the internet to make payments through SchoolPay.
If your child does bring cash into school to pay for a lunch, no change will be given. The cook supervisor will bank the amount handed over and credit your child’s SchoolPay account. If you require any assistance with paying for lunches or events, please do not hesitate to
contact the school.

Friday Packed Lunches

Please order all Friday packed lunches through SchoolPay
by Wednesday each week.

Please remember we need to know about all absences for your child. Please call our 24hr absence line 07721 922504 and leave a message with your child’s name. It important we know the reason for absence and if known, the intended date of return to school.

Change of Address
Please let the school know in writing of any changes to your child’s or emergency contacts home address. We will require a proof of address and an up to date Council Tax letter, to fully update our records. Any bills must be dated within last 6 months. We can accept proof of address by email too.