Communication Wednesday – 16th September

It is hard to believe we are approaching the autumn long weekend! The term has simply flashed by and, despite children not being in the school building since March, they have made excellent progress in our Recover, Reconnect and Nurture phase. We aim to continue implementing the principles of this approach and to be responsive to our children’s needs. We know that a school calendar has a rhythm to it and key events usually occur at particular times in the session. Where we can, we aim to find alternatives to ensure that the information and communication you have replicates what would have been available to you if we were experiencing a ‘normal’ school year. We will continue to ensure your child’s experience is a positive one where they make good progress in their learning and are provided with lots of opportunities for achievement.

Meet the Staff

As you are aware we are not able to have visitors in school, however we want to be creative and develop ways in which we can communicate and share updates about your child’s experience in school. Ordinarily we would have a Meet the Staff evening; an informal opportunity to meet your child’s teacher, view the classroom and look at some of the resources used to support and enrich the learning experience. We plan to do this in a virtual way. The children will be assigned to their new Google Classroom and next week they will be able to log on with you and together you can share and discuss the presentation. We will support everyone to ensure they are able to access their virtual classroom.

Where next in our learning journey?

As you are aware our initial focus was on literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing and these will remain a priority, however teachers are introducing other aspects of the curriculum. Next week a Highlight sheet will provide you with details of the planned learning for to the mid-term break. Another highlight will be shared after the October break to share intended learning for the period leading up to the Christmas break.

Supporting Reading

Currently advice remains that we minimise materials being shared between home and school. Therefore we are not yet able to send reading books home. Teaching of reading will continue in school. Whilst you will not be able to share the reading book that is being used we ask that you actively encourage reading for pleasure at home. Children in P4-P7 will also be using Accelerated Reader programme to track the books they read for pleasure.

Parents’ Consultation

It is highly unlikely given the current restrictions that we will be able to host consultations as we have done previously, however we wish to ensure that there is clarity about your child’s progress and achievement. Instead of a face to face to meeting, teachers will prepare an interim written report. More information regarding the content, dates of issue etc. will be shared in due course.

Show you Care – Park Elsewhere

A huge thank you to everyone who is making positive choices leading to our children being safer at drop off and pick up. Safety of our school community is and will always be a priority – thank you for following the rules of the road and keeping our pavements and crossing points clear of cars.


The table below indicates the days that your child will do PE. The new guidance from Scottish Government published 11.9.20 recommends that where possible children come dressed for PE. There may be days where an additional physical activity session is planned which is out with the usual PE timetable. It is not essential that your child wears PE kit on these days and the activity will be designed in such a way to allow full participation.

PE Timetable

PE Kit:

Suggestions for kit: Clothing that allows your child to move comfortably and maintain an appropriate temperature e.g. they may wish to wear layers to be warm if outside and cool if they become too hot due to exertion.

 Shorts

 T shirt/polo shirt

 Joggers/leggings

 Sweatshirt

 Trainers/plimsolls

No football shirts please

Communication Wednesday – 14th September