Head Teacher HT Update 7th October

Dear parents and carers
We hope that you enjoyed viewing the Meet the Teacher presentations shared last week. I’m sure that your children were excited to talk about their experiences in school and the learning they have been involved in. Soon we will share another presentation that introduces you to the wider team and gives some insight into the roles they have within our school.
Please see below for some updates on what’s happening next week and some information about the excellent work our children are doing to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.
Kindest regards

Pauline McKay

Changes to the staggered drop off and pick up.
Over the last few weeks we have noticed how well the above process has been going. Thank you to you for helping to reduce the number of children being collected from their line at the end of the day by meeting them at an agreed point away from the school gate. Combined with the numbers of children who are old enough to walk home responsibly without an adult, the process has become much quicker. As the numbers are now lower we will reduce to two stagger times.
We intend to run a trial week starting Monday the 12th of October.

The new times are:
Surname Start End
A-L 08 50 15 20
M-Z 09 00 15 30

Surname Start End
A-L 08 50 12 20
M-Z 09 00 12 30

Siblings with different surnames will be dismissed according to the oldest sibling’s surname.
Children attending nursery (1140 hours) can be collected from the nursery gate at 15 00
The afternoon outdoor session (break) will discontinue.

A gentle reminder . . .
If you are collecting bringing your child to school out with the staggered times, please call from the school gate and someone will arrange to meet your child or to bring them to you. Please do not come into the reception area.

Return of 1140 hour in our Nursery
Next week, our nursery will be changing their attendance model to revert back to an 1140 hours provision. In order to do this there has been rigorous risk assessments undertaken and physical changes to the playroom. If you
have a child in the nursery you will receive updated guidance which details everything you need to know about the new organisation.

Living our Values
Sustainability Reduce, reuse and recycle

Each week we have a virtual assembly. Two weeks ago we explored our value of sustainability and set a challenge to change one small thing to make a big difference. The response has been tremendous. As well as practical things that we can do in our classrooms, the children have been very creative about reducing waste during lunchtime. In conjunction with our catering team we will be making some changes to the school packed lunches. Some of the ideas we are adopting are:
 we will be phasing out the use of single use plastic bottles with children being able to refill their own water bottle at lunch
 Primary One and Two will be offered water at lunch in the dining room.
 The paper bags that the lunches come in will be recycled.

Look out for more of the innovative solutions that the children developed being shared soon.

Achievement assemblies

We wish to continue recognising achievements both in and out of school. This Friday there will an opportunity for children to hear each other’s achievements. All achievements shared with us are celebrated in the class and recorded in the class achievement book. If you have something that your child is particularly proud of achieving, then let us know and this too can be added to the book.

Road Safety

Thanks to you, there has been an improvement in the parking at Campie. This helps to keep everyone safe. Can I also take this opportunity to ensure everyone complies with the 20 mph limit and takes extra care when driving
and parking around the school. It has been noted that some cars seem to be travelling very fast – particularly near Musselburgh Rugby Club car park, Stoneyhill Farm Road and Eskview Crescent.

Getting ready for the colder months.

We will continue to access the outdoors for learning and will be going outside for breaks. Please make sure your child has appropriate clothing for the weather so that they remain warm, dry and comfortable. We will continue
to keep our windows open to maintain good ventilation in the classroom.
Scottish Government advised that where children can they should come dressed for PE. As a result gym bags were returned to you. If however coming dressed for PE is not possible then your child can bring their bag into school and this can be kept on their peg.