Junior Apprentice


Does your child have an entrepreneurial spirit?

Do they have great ideas that could raise money for the school?

Every child who wants to take part in our Junior Apprentice fundraiser will get

£1 to invest in their idea to raise money for school funds


Any child who raises money with their idea can keep the original £1 for their own piggy bank.

Let’s see how far £1 can take us!!



Parent Council Meeting – Wednesday 18th March 2015

The next Parent Council meeting will be held in the school from 7-9pm on Wednesday 18th March.

Following the news that Mrs. Beveridge will be leaving Campie later this year we have a special guest speaker coming along to tell us all about the Head Teacher Recruitment Procedures.

Mrs. Val McIntyre of East Lothian Council will explain the process and will be able to answer any questions we may have.

Please come along – this is an important ‘next step’ for our school so the more input we have from YOU the better.