Community Room

The community room in the school is available for all parents/carers to use. There is a selection of toys and books for younger children and the Free Uniform Rail is kept in there if you fancy a look.


You are all welcome to use the space but please keep it tidy and in a welcoming condition for the next people. Your help with this is appreciated 

Beat the Street – East Lothian

We are all very excited about this fantastic initiative to get East Lothian families more active and out exploring our local area.


Your Beat the Street pack should have come home (or be on the way) with a card, a fob and some simple instructions to follow. Simply register your card online at and then get out there walking, cycling, scooting, running and finding those Beat Boxes.


Once you use your fob on one Beat Box you have one hour to get to the next one to earn 10 points!! All the points our Campie Community collects are added up and could mean prizes for our school.

Have fun!!!