A-Z of School Speak

We know that many of our community to do not “speak school” so we have created a simple A-Z guide to help decipher some of the gobbledygook.

Read and share folks 

School Uniform Rail

The uniform rail will be out in the playground at pick up time on Friday 6th September, weather permitting.

Please drop by and help yourself to anything you’re short of.

We have loads of Campie sweatshirts and cardies, plus a few coats and plenty of other uniform.

Join us for second-hand September! ?

Grandison Cup Winners 2019!!!!

Huge congratulations to the Campie Boys Football Team who won the Grandison Cup for the first time in over 15 years!!

The team’s dedication and hard work won them the trophy and the kudos at Pinkie Playing Fields on 10th May.

What fantastic teamwork. The boys were definitely living the school motto of Achieving Every Day

Primary 1 Transition 2019

If your child is starting Primary 1 at Campie School in August 2019 please come along to this meeting.
There will be lots of information shared about what to expect and you will all get to meet each other too

Campie Centenary!!!

Campie celebrates its centenary this year and we are looking for anybody who has a connection with the school who has old photos/memorabilia, to be included in an exhibition to be held on Friday 31st May and Saturday 1st June in Campie School.

Note: All items will be kept safely and returned to owners after the event

Loose Parts Play Launch – Thursday 28th March 2019

Loose Parts Play @ Campie Primary is being launched this week and everybody is welcome to come along and celebrate with us. Local Councillor Stuart Currie will be in attendance to cut the ribbon and officially open our PlayPod for all the children (and the staff) to enjoy.