Facebook Groups

Many of our Campie Community have set up Facebook groups for different year groups in the school.

The groups are a place to post reminders about upcoming events, ask questions about homework, track down missing uniform and everything in between.

The parents/carers might even plan a child-free event every now and again!!

So you can find them all in one place we have put the links to them here:

Campie am Nursery (2017/2018)

Campie P1 Intake (2015/2016)

Campie Primary 2 (school Year 2017-18)

Campie Primary 3 (Year starting August 2014)

Campie Primary 5 – year starting 2012

Campie Class of 2018

If you start a new Facebook group for a school group or if we’ve missed one out please let us know and we will add it to the list so everybody can find you.