Home Learning


Campie believes in children having time to relax, reflect and rest after a busy day in their learning environments. That’s why our Home Learning policy is geared towards short activities that can be achieved throughout the week.

Children will receive home learning from their class teachers on a weekly basis (this may begin the week after a new term).

P1-2 will take their reading books home to practise their sight vocabulary (key words) and phonics (sounds). P3 upwards will take home new spelling words and a reading target (sometimes with questions). Children should use look, count, cover, write and check three times and complete an additional Spell Well task which can be found here.

The Scottish Government has produced several documents to help parents and carers support Literacy at home. You can find this guidance here.

We appreciate if these activities could be signed by parents / carers.

These items are usually due on a Friday unless stated by their class teacher.

If you feel your child would benefit from extra practice there are a number of useful websites which have many fun and engaging learning games, here are an example of a few:

Top Marks – games for every area of the curriculum

abcya.com – lots of games on almost everything (american based)

Primary Games Arena – almost everything you can think of

Primary Homework Help – great for project work

Grid Club – all sorts of Social Studies and Science stuff

Kiddle – like Wikipedia but better, aimed towards kids and so much easier to read


ICT Games – great for spelling, common words and phonics

Spelling City – fantastic customisable spelling games (sign up required)

Bitesize (Level 1) – from finding information to alphabetical order

Bitesize (Level 2) – super games for reading and talking and listening

LibriVox – free audio books

Storynory – more free audio books

Audio Book Treasury – even more audio books

50 Writing Ideas – some ideas for writing

Skillswise – literacy help aimed towards adults

Maths & Numeracy

ICT Games – lots of games for all areas of maths and number

Bitesize (Level 1) – some fab games on times tables and quick fire number puzzles

Bitesize (Level 2) – more great things from the BBC

Sumdog – games for maths and more (sign up required)

Hit the Button – number bond fun

Maths Centre Apps – fantastic apps that help with number understanding (numberlines, 10 frames, bead racks)

Maths Dictionary for Kids – explanation of maths and numeracy terminology

APlusMath – worksheets, flashcards and games galore.

Skillswise – maths help aimed towards adults

Education Scotland have produced a booklet which is full of ideas on how to promote mathematical thinking at home. Follow the link website to access this resource.

I am a Mathematician


Nasa – the official NASA website

Nasa Kids – find out about missions to Mars and if aliens exist here

Social Studies

National Geographic Kids – wildlife and geography facts to be found here

BBC History – interesting information from different parts of history, from Aztecs to the 60s


Kodu Download – amazing visual game creating environment

Kodu Game Lab – lots of tutorials and downloadable worlds

Scratch – a cool visual program language that will help you learn to code

Dance Mat Typing – learnt to touch type


Accelerated Reader – SCHOOL USE ONLY