Meet the Parent Council

Campie Parent Council is a group of parents and carers who take part in supporting the work of the school and helping implement the school improvement plan. We are here to represent the views and opinions of the whole school community to the Head Teacher and the local education authorities. We work to develop and nurture the links between the school and the local community to help enhance the learning experience of all our children.

Current Office Bearers


The Chairperson will lead all meetings of the group and initiate any voting proceedings as required.

The Chairperson will present an annual report at the AGM to be shared with the Campie Primary School Parent Forum.

Your current Chairperson is Shona Blakeley

Shona has one child attending Campie Primary School (her eldest has recently moved on to MGS) and has previously filled the role of Chairperson in the 2014/2015 and 2015/16 sessions. In addition to being the Chair of the Parent Council, Shona works as the Development Manager for the Women’s Fund for Scotland and in her spare time she enjoys roller derby.


The Vice-Chairperson will run meetings in the absence of the Chairperson

Your current Vice-Chairperson is Tansy Main


The Treasurer is responsible for the finances of the group including maintaining accurate records of income and expenditure

Your current Treasurer is Clare Paterson

All parents and carers are welcome to attend the monthly parent council meetings and are free to join the parent council at each AGM.

To find out more about the role of the Parent Council and the role you can play in your child’s education we have listed some useful links:

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