Campie Community has a selection of sub-groups that focus on delivering specific aspects of the group aims and objectives.

All members of the wider Campie Community are welcome to join any of the sub-groups.

See below for an outline of each group and what they get up to:


Ensuring key messages and regular communications are accessible to the whole Campie Community

Managing the Campie Community social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter

Managing the Campie Community website

Managing the Campie Community text and voicemail service

Requesting GroupCall communications for Parent Council information and events


Organising school social events such as fairs, Halloween parties, P7 discos, family discos, coffee mornings etc.

Campie has always prided itself on providing quality events at affordable prices.

This is as much (if not more) about community than fundraising.

The fundraising team is good fun and very rewarding.


Work with the SMT to develop and implement the school improvement plan

Ensure the SIP is communicated to the school community, inclusion for the whole school community is key

Encourage parents/carers to engage with the school

Establish how the Parent Council can help the SMT deliver the SIP and align our priorities


Collate, evaluate and create a database of ‘skills’ within our community

Create a database of volunteering opportunities

Make recommendations on how to optimise the use of volunteers to benefit the school and how to encourage increased levels of volunteering by the wider school community.

Act as a point of contact to match relevant volunteers to the opportunities available.


Working with the Campie Community to gather ideas and opinions on the best use of the playground space.

Working with suppliers to develop high quality, sustainable outdoor spaces for the school and local community to enjoy.

Working in conjunction with the fundraising and grant/proposal writing teams to establish fundraising targets and allocation of monies.

Working with the local authority to ensure any plans are carried out in accordance with council regulations.


Ensuring ways for everyone to be part of the Campie Community whenever they would like to be involved.

Working to reduce the cost of the school day and address the barriers that might stop people making the most of school life such as their age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation (the protected characteristics as set out in law).


Working in conjunction with the fundraising and SIP teams to establish fundraising causes.

Prepare and manage fundraising applications aligned with school requirements.