Achievers UK

I’ve put a link to this website on the home page. Anyone considering careers in Law or Finance should take a look – even if it’s just see what people from your school ended up doing!
Mick aims to raise the aspirations of young people by highlighting the success of former pupils of their school.

The initiative focuses not only on high flyers, but also on individuals who may not be household names but who carry out a vital role in society. This helps pupils realise there is more to individual success than simply becoming rich and famous.

As youngsters are introduced to individuals in whose footsteps they are following, they gain confidence and realise they too can go on to be successful in a variety of ways.

Schools or other organisations which wish to become involved in the project should contact:

Patrick Gaffney
61 Old Abbey Road
North Berwick
EH39 4BP
T: 01620 894928