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I hope what I’ve written will be helpful to other students looking to do a dance career.
I did mainly ballet when I was younger but it wasn’t until I was 16 when I considered looking into dancing as a career option for when I left school at the end of 6th year.  There are soo many courses available nowadays that you are sure to find something that appeals to you.  You can even audition for some that require no previous dance experience or you can do at any age.
The course I decided on was at Telford college.  This was an NC course which covers ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap and even choreography.  This is a 1 year course where you get to experience all forms of dance and get assessed throughout the year.  Its really good if you aren’t quite sure what style of dance you are really interested in or if its teaching, performing or even becoming a choreographer that you are interested in.  It’s really good for dancers who want to have a year to improve their technique or decide exactly which way they’d like to take their dancing. 
After this course you have an opportunity to audition for two types of HND courses, Professional Stage Dance covers commercial dance, singing and acting.  Dance Artist is more to do with teaching and choreography but both do the same amount of ballet, jazz and contemporary technique.
Other places you might like to consider are Anniesland, they have only 3 hours of practical a week though and are more jazz orientated.  If you are more interested in contemporary then there is a contemporary school in Dundee which has had very good reviews.  Also you might even try Reid Kerr in Glasgow, I think they run courses for becoming a dance artist but have a look at their website.  Most of the dance courses also have acting courses as well if this interests you.
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  1. Anniesland is the best college in Scotland, your facts are wrong – especially saying they only have 3 hours practical and are mainly jazz focused (?!)

    I don’t know the exact number of hours because it varies depending on what year you’re in but I know they have the most classes out of all the colleges. They mainly focus on ballet, contemporary and jazz in the HN years of your training and you will find your strong point and it will become your career focus.

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