S6 Employability Sessions NBHS 2018


Welcome to the S6 employability and college programme.

CMS explained

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Emp rules for group

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We need to that you are registered at MWOW Complete the My Strenghts section here

10 things that require zero talent

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Personal Statement generator here

13 and 14 November 2018 sessions.
You need to complete your CV at he session so make sure you fill in the factual information first, personal details, exam results/to be taken, referees (one can be your guidance teacher) and work experience, strengths etc. You have draft personal statements you can amend and update as necessary. Don’t worry if your statement is too long, we can edit this.
Remember, this is the document that gets you through the hardest part of the process so make your check EVERYTHING and when you have done this, check it AGAIN!

20 and 21 November sessions
Time to be a STAR!

Find out what it’s all about here
CV and Cover Letter

Preparing for Interviews

27 November 2018 session
Using the STAR resources above complete the following questions as fully as possible. Be creative, think about school, work experience, outside interests/hobbies, volunteering etc to illustrate your examples. Include as much detail as you can and help each if you get stuck but don’t sit and talk for an hour! If you do this, you will have a script to work from for interviews and these are the hardest questions to answer so work hard at this. Remember, completing a task in a given timescale is an important work skill!

Email me at: mick.burns@sds.co.uk if you have any questions during this session as I will have access and can answer if possible.

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