Here’s the T… 15 January 2018

Learn Objectives 15 Jan 2018 session

Anyone for tennis?

Time to shine like a… STAR here

Train Game
Park Bench

Here is the T again

Examples of feedback answers
What 3 things have you learned from this session?

how to come across and speak confidently in front of a group of people, what not to do in an interview and how to prepare for interview questions
That I need to be confident in an interview
to not fidget, to speak clearly and be prepared
How to talk in front of people and also being more confident in my talking
Sit up confidently, Don’t fiddle and have your feet planted on the floor
I have learned how to control my body language during and interview, I have also leaned how to use STAR to effectively answer questions in an interview and also what kinds of questions may be asked in an interview.
that a struggle with on the pot questions
make eye contact, keep feet flat on the ground, keep hands still
“Be confident
dont fidget
explain more”
“what body position to use in a interview.
have a nice clear voice.
try to develop my answer more on why I might want the job.”
How to act in an interview, how to handle talking about situations and what kind of questions you will be asked in an interview
“That competence based questions can be fun to answer
Confidence doesn’t take a lot more than speaking clearly and sitting comfortably

By the way…
10 things that require zero talent