S6 Employability sessions 2020 session 3

Time to be a STAR(R)
STAR(R) here

Some helpful suggestions from BBC Bitesize
Here are some examples

If you can haggle a brilliant bargain, or persuade people that something’s worth doing – that’s negotiating
If you’re the decision maker, everyone follows your lead, AND you can keep them motivated – that’s leadership
If you’re the go-to person to sort a tricky issue, then you’re a natural at problem solving
If you work well with others – whether it’s on a sports team or a project with others – that’s teamwork
If you can fit a lot into a day or love a to-do list – that’s time management
If you are the one that always comes up with imaginative solutions – that’s creativity.
These are all skills employers love! You just have to describe them in the right way. Focus on the skills you have, shout about them, and they could help you get your dream job.

Over to you!
Try to give as much detail as you can into your replies below as this will become the script you can rehearse with and develop as necessary.

Here is the message from a former student podacast

Next week, we’re off the page and putting these words into your mouths!