Rosenshine Principles and Groupwork

You’ll need a pen, paper, phone and a smile!

Barriers to Group work
Resources we can access
How do you make the changes?
How to use Rosenshine Principles in our work

Some resources:
Quiz Kahoot here
Quiz Blooket here
Live FeedbackPolleverywhere here
Example of a live S3 class using this
Inspirational feed at a parents event here and her Ted Talk is here
Live FeedbackMentimeter here
Live QR responsesPlickers here and a quick demo here
Classtools useful resources here and the name picker here
Presentation softwareVideoscribe here

Groupwork Planner
Why group work here

The Principles of Instruction Infographic

An Introduction to Rosenshine’s Principles here
Rosenshine Principles in Action with Tom Sherrington here I found this really useful and the first 30mins in particular.

What can we take from Rosenshine?
Some points from Rosenshine for our groupwork

Feedback collated.
Final report

One thought on “Rosenshine Principles and Groupwork”

  1. Interesting discussions but feel more useful to me to talk about specific group work and how to make more effective and relevant. Also moving away from presentation style and more to group work with active learning.

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