National Cyber Crime Unit Careers

What we do
Cyber crime is a global threat carried out by criminals looking to exploit our vulnerabilities. This crime devastates individuals and businesses, disrupts our way of life and impacts the national security of the United Kingdom. At the NCCU, we respond to the most critical cyber incidents as well as pursuing longer-term activity against cyber criminals and helping to shut down the services on which they depend.
Many disciplines, one shared goal
At the NCCU our many disciplines share one common goal – to help make the UK a safe place to live and work online. This is a hugely challenging ambition – with our officers responsible for the investigation of some of the most technically advanced criminality with new ways to target and exploit our vulnerabilities evolving all the time. We don’t do this alone – working closely with UK police, regional organised crime units and partners in international law enforcement, as well as forming close and effective partnerships with private industry to share information and technical expertise.

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